Saturday, October 18, 2014

Top 3 Uses for Road-ID

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If you are an active family, on the go, and loving adventure, then everyone in your family needs a Road ID.  I have been a Road-ID user for many years, and don't go anywhere without it.  Here are my top 3 reasons why I use Road ID.

1.  It speaks for you.  Whether you buy one for your kids, your pets, or yourself, the Road ID will speak for you when you are unable to.  You have up to 6 lines of information that you can add to your ID such as you name, emergency contacts or special medical information.  For your kids or pets, the ID provides much needed contact information if they get lost or need assistance:  the ID can be their voice!

2.  Durability.  The Road ID was designed for fitness enthusiasts and outdoor play.  Whether you choose the fabric band, the silicone band, or the shoe ID, the Road ID will stand up to whatever you do and however hard you play.

3.  Affordability.  The slim model starts at $17.99 and can be part of any budget.  My favorite ID, the fabric band, is available for $19.99.   With all the expensive gear and gadgets families buy, Road ID may be the most important yet most affordable piece of equipment you own.  

Everyone in my family has a Road ID; we don't leave home without them!   Fortunately, we haven't been in a situation where we needed it, but it has been there for us nonetheless!  You can get your Road ID by visiting their website

I have used various forms of the Road ID for the last 7 years.  As a knowledgeable affiliate,  I can answer any of your questions regarding use and performance. 

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