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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Episode 011 Being runDisney Weather Wise Part 1

Weather can really impact our races because we are at the mercy of Mother Nature!  And since running in California can be different that running in Florida, we are going to look at being Weather Wise in 2 parts:  Part 1 will be Florida and Part 2 will be California.

Walt Disney World is a unique place to run because of the constant heat and humidity throughout the year.  Humidity can affect your body's ability to cool itself through evaporation.  The more moisture in the air, the harder it is to evaporate the sweat and cool off.

So, if you don't live in a climate like Florida, how can you prepare for it?

1. Know the Average Temperature/Humidity

WDW Marathon:  January high 71 / low of 50 with 84% humidity

Princess Half:  February high 73 / low of 53 with 87% humidity

Star Wars Half:  April high 82 / low of 62 with 87% humidity

Wine/Dine Half:  November high 78 / low of 60 with 89% humidity

These averages give you a starting point for any costume or running outfit you need to plan.

2. Look 10 Days Out

You want to look 10 days before you leave for trending weather:  so you know changes in temperature or future stormy weather.

3. Be Adaptable

You always need to have a Plan B:  What to do if it turns cold?  What to wear if it is hot?

4. Hydrate

The best way to beat the heat and humidity is to hydrate the night before!

5. Stay Warm in the Corral

Bring an old sweatshirt, coverup - anything that you don't mind losing, and get rid of it as you warm up!  Don't worry - Disney will pick up anything discarded and give to charity!

Those are my 5 simple steps for being Weather Wise in Florida!

Episode 012 will cover Being Weather Wise in California!

Check out more info from my guest blogger: The Deliberate Dad 

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Princess Weekend Packet Pickup and Expo Tips

February 2017 

It is the final days to your magical race!  Lots of excitement, nerves and unknowns await for anyone who has never run this race or a runDisney race!

Put those nerves aside, and get ready!   Here is what you need to do to be ready for Packet Pickup

1. Print out your waivers.

If you don't have your waivers, you can't get your packet with your race bib, etc.  Very Important!

Tip: Bring a photo ID to the Expo; you won't get your packet without the Waiver and an ID.
If flying, put your waiver in your carry-on bag, and print out an extra copy.

Monday, January 2, 2017

001 Beyond the Kessel Run: An Introduction

Welcome to Beyond The Kessel Run: Your runDisney Galaxy Broadcast!

I am kicking off my new Podcast!  To share my experiences with runDisney and Beyond!

I receive a lot of questions about runDisney, mostly what is it and why would I want to run it!

I believe in the runDisney movement!  It is a movement that is growing by thousands, each and every race.

I participate in runDisney for 4 reasons:

1.  Empowerment
You will find people from all backgrounds and countries, coming together to share their experiences and achieve the impossible!

2.  Motivation
You get to run to the Castle!  And wear a costume and be a kid again!  You will look forward to these things from the moment you sign up!

3.  Family
There is a race for everyone in your family!

4.  Memories
Each race brings a special memory to your life!

runDisney is the Happiest Race on Earth and I want to share this with you!

I've learned a lot through the years, and I want to share my mistakes, my tips, my wins and losses.

I also want to talk about what is beyond the runDisney race... how to manage your run-vacation!  We will explore beyond registration that helps you train, prepare, navigate the expo, the parks and explore beyond the parks into Anaheim and Orlando.

To hear more about my Podcast adventure, check out the first Podcast!

And tell me how I can help you to reach your runDisney goals and Beyond!

Read More:  5 Reasons to Run The Happiest Race on Earth!

Catch Up on my Podcast Here!


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Episode 012 Being runDisney Weather Wise - Part 2

Now imagine you are putting on your cutest Tinkerbell Costume!  You were in the parks just yesterday and it was beautiful!  Warm with a light breeze – it just couldn’t get any better!  So you head on out for the short walk to the Corrals and was met with a chilly wall of air as you stepped outside!  You started second guessing the idea to grab something to cover up with; and as you waited anxiously for the start of the race, the air dipped down even cooler … if only the Sun would come up!
And that is life at a Disneyland race!  The temperatures are really cool in the morning,
but warm up quickly!  And any runDisney race can always be an adventure… one year for the Disneyland Half, it was hotter in Disneyland than back home in Mississippi:  it was 95 degrees in Disneyland!  It was so hot for the race!
And on year for the Avengers Race, the wind was extreme: debris and sand from the streets were pelting the runners and the water stations were literally being blown away.  So even though the temperature, is much milder than Florida, Disneyland can be challenge weather wise, too!
how can you prepare for it??
1.     Know the Average temperatures / humidity
Humidity is a constant 60% all year long and the temperature only varies for the Disneyland Half:  the other races are about the same on average.
January – Light Side Race  High 71/ Low 48
May – Tinkerbell High 78 / Low 57
September   - Disneyland Half  High 87/ Low 63
November – Super Heroes High 76/ Low 52

2.    Look 10 days out from the race and see if any unexpected changes are coming.
The Light Side race was so lucky this year – they just missed all the monsoonal rain! 

3.    Be adaptable
I try to make my costumes adaptable by having a short sleeve or sleeveless option or even having arm sleeves available.  I always pack a plan B – because you never know how you will feel race day.

4.    Hydrate
Even though you don’t feel as hot without the humidity, you still need to hydrate.  The dry air whisks away your sweat and you can dehydrate very quickly: be sure and drink plenty of water the night before.

5.    Stay warm in the corrals
This is much more important I think here in Disneyland than in Florida – because you can plan on it being warm for the race, but that wait in the corral can be down right cold!  48 degrees is winter weather for me!  Be sure to plan for that throw away old sweatshirt or cover up.  You will be glad you did!
1.    Know the average weather
2.    Look 10 Days Before
3.    Be Adaptable
4.    Hydrate
5.    Plan for the Corrals
It turns out that you need to think about the same 5 things – wherever you run… Whether it’s Disney World, Disneyland or Disneyland Paris!
Next Week we are going to talk about Running for a Charity… is it worth it?  How to Pick Your Charity and How to Raise money.  So Tune in to the Podcast!