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Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Past, Present and Future of Star Wars in the runDisney Galaxy!

Star Wars in the runDisney Galaxy has only been around just a few short years! This past Star Wars Dark Side Weekend was so much fun and had me looking back and hoping for more! Join me on the Podcast as I look back to the very beginning and where we will be in the Future! Download this episode (right click and save) or listen HERE You can Find Beyond the Kessel Run on Itunes, Podbean, Stitcher or GooglePlay. If you have any questions, comments or future ideas for my podcast, email me at

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Avoid the Candy and Get Moving

Trick or Treat - Move Your Feet

It's time for Fall Challenges! And I've been getting requests for challenges to get up and move AND to avoid the Halloween Candy!  So - Here you go!  Starting October 15th, we will Move Our Feet until Planksgiving!

The days are broken into White, Yellow or Orange Workout Days.

White:  We Do Squats and Walk/Run
Yellow:  We Do Push Ups and Walk/Run
Orange:  We do Crunches and Walk/Run

Most challenges are written by Fitness Gurus whose job is working out every day.  So, many of the challenges can be super intense and people fall off because of difficulty.   This Challenge is DIFFERENT.  You set your goals.  

1st you must Walk/Run every single day.  So, set your goal to be realistic.  Something that you know you can do every day.  

2nd, set your goal for Squats, Push UPs and Crunches that CHALLENGE you.  You don't have to do these every day, so pick a number that will stretch your abilities.

3rd, to avoid candy, we have a Bonus exercise, repeated 10 times, that you pick.  Pick something that you hate.

My Goals:

Run/Walk 2 Miles Every Day:   Even if it is raining, I can suffer 2 miles on the elliptical.

Squats:  100 Squats

Push Ups:  30 Push Ups.  

Crunches:  100 Crunches.

Bonus:  10 Burpees for every piece of candy I eat.  I HATE Burpees, so I will not be eating any candy.

That's it !  Pretty Simple!

Download your Calendar -->  Move Your Feet Challenge

Download your Goal Sheet ==>  October Goal Sheet

As Always - let me know what you are doing, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram for my daily results!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

My Minnie Van Adventure

Lyft Minnie Vans

For the Princess Half Weekend, we had a little trouble with  buses and ended up using the Minnie Vans!   Find out more on the podcast on how we used them - including the Exclusive Service to and From the Airport!
Beyond The Kessel Run Podcast

Lyft Disney Minnie Van Service

You are utilizing the Lyft App to request the Minnie Van Service.  Your receipt will be sent through the email address that you registered for with Lyft.

No hidden fees with the Minnie Van Service - as you can see with Lyft service that I used from the Hilton Buena Vista Palace:

We also used the Airport Dropoff Service:

Details on how to do that are in the Podcast!

Beyond The Kessel Run Podcast

Questions?  Let me know!