Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fit For Disney

This past weekend, I traveled to Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend!  I loved
every minute of it, and can't wait to do it again!  But, that wasn't the only thing I was doing… I was on a mission to see if I could follow my fitness plan and goals while at My Happy Eating Place -- Disney!

I use a FitBit Force and MyFitnessPal Apps to manage my fitness plans.  I started using these 2 tools together after Christmas when I received my FitBit as a present.  The FitBit keeps track of all of my steps during the day, calculating calories expended.  MyFitnessPal is used to log the food and snacks I've eaten during the day and calculates calories consumed.  When synced together, I have a watchdog system that keeps me on track!

What was my Disney Fitness Plan?
I believe that health and fitness is something that you carry with you all the time.  Your plan has to be reasonable and livable wherever you go.  So, the ultimate challenge was to try my idea at Disney.  We always choose the Disney Dining Plan, which even with the quick service plan, gives you plenty of choices plus desserts.  If I can stay on my plan at Disney, I can stay on it anywhere!  

How Did I Keep Track Throughout the Day?
The FitBit manages itself, counting every step you take and every stair you climb.   MyFitnessPal requires you to enter what you eat, and most Disney meals are in the database.  To link them both, it's a simple menu option under the Apps & Devices option under the MyFitnessPal main menu.

How Did I Manage My Exercise and Diet Choices?
I made an effort to take the stairs to and from the room - not the elevator; and I would always check my calorie count for the day

And I would look up food choices like the Mickey Ice Cream before I ate them!

Mickey's Ice Cream Found in MyFitnessPal

What Were My Goals and Results?
My main goal was to enjoy my vacation, maintain my weight, and not feel like I missed out on anything!

My daily goals are walking 10,000 steps, 5 miles, 30 active minutes, and a 1200 calorie diet.

For the 4 days at Disney, these were my totals:

Thursday, February 20th: Walking around the Expo

Friday, February 21st:  Royal Family 5K and the Magic Kingdom

Saturday, February 22nd:  All day in the Magic Kingdom

Sunday, February 23rd:  Princess Half Marathon, Downtown Disney and Bowling

It was amazing to me to see the actual totals!
That is one of the great things about the FitBit; you have a visual reminder of what you are doing throughout the day!  These figures help you know your progress and keep you mindful of your goals!

And FitBit rewards you for your achievements, too!  These are the badges that I received over the Princess Half Weekend!

You can also compete with your friends and help each other!

It was an active weekend!  However, it could have gotten out of hand very easily if I didn't keep my goals in mind!

At the end, I ate every meal, I didn't gain any weight, and I enjoyed my mini vacation with the help of my FitBit Force!

I thoroughly believe in this product.  Over the last 2 months I have lost 5 pounds and 5 percent of my body fat by utilizing the FitBit in my daily routine.   I believe in this product so much, that I applied to be affiliate!  I trust that the FitBit will help you achieve your goals, just like it did for me.   You can order your FitBit and receive free shipping.

If you love it, I will send you a $10 Gift Card when you post a comment on this blog about your experience after the first week of use!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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