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Friday, September 25, 2015

Staying Motivated: Get Moving For A Charity!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Staying motivated is a job in and of itself: sometimes you may need that extra encouragement to finish out that last mile or to just get off the sofa!  A great way to help yourself get moving is to switch the focus:  instead of doing it for yourself, do it for someone else! And an easy way for me to do this is through the CharityMiles App on my phone!

 It's really a simple idea:

Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to Use The Star Wars Half Marathon Races to Obtain Most Wanted Medals of 2016

UPDATE: 3/21/2016 
I spoke directly to runDisney staff to confirm their earlier email to me regarding The Kessel Run Challenge Medal.  
Those of us running both Star Wars Races will not get a Blue Coast to Coast Medal.   We will be getting the Kessel Run Challenge Medal.  
If you want to use one of the Star Wars Races to obtain your Coast to Coast, read how below!

Star Wars Fans and Running Fans from around the galaxy were beyond excited that there will be two runDisney races starting in 2016!

We have:
The Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend - Rebel Challenge Weekend in Disneyland

Monday, September 21, 2015

Kessel Runner Has Moved!

Same Me - Just a Different Page Address

Facebook gave me good news this week!  They told me that my blogger page, Kessel Runner, had expanded outside the intent of a personal page; the traffic and content required that I move to a
business page.   The simple idea of my fangirling page had outgrown itself:  so I'm moving it to a Personal Blog/Website Page call The Kessel Runner!

If you remember last year, I moved my blog from to  It was a move spurred by my Mother to express the real me.  And I believe that moving to a business page is just a continuation of this transformation.  It's also a direct reflection of all the support that you've given me over the past few years!

However, the move isn't going to be seamless, and I need you help!

2.  and LIKE the page!

3.  Share my Page!

To say thank you for packing up and moving with me, every LIKE is one entry for a giveaway of a $100 Academy gift card!  So many great things to buy at Academy whether it's online or in the store:  from camping gear to tailgating gear to fitness and family fun gear!

I'll be retiring the personal page at the end of September, and I will announce the winner on October 1st.  The winner will be drawn by RaffleCopter, so don't miss out! 

I am excited about moving on:  this new page will give me more flexibility on challenges and giveaways, so I know you will want to check it out!  We will be busy!



Thursday, September 17, 2015

Disneyland Half Marathon Paris Press Conference

Paris Half Marathon

September 17, 2015 

Disneyland Paris held a test race event this week and went over additional information for news media and bloggers !  Here is what was revealed from this event!

1.  Pre Race Party 9/23!  Be sure and sign up for this evening as it plans to be spectacular!

2.  Family 5K will be on 9/24 at 7 am:  Space is limited to 5500 participants

3.  Half Marathon will be 9/25 at 7 am:  Space is limited to  12000 participants

4.  There is no theme for the race; just planned to be fun and family friendly.

5.  2/3 of the Bibs will be Sold as a Travel Package:  this means travel/resort/tickets and race included.  On Sale October 6.

6.  1/3 of the Bibs will be Sold as Race Only:  these bibs are targeted to European visitors.   On Sale January 2016 with an expected cost of around $65.

Overall Impression was Exciting!  With world class organizers designing the race course, it will be a delightful race in an amazing place!

Pretty Exciting News!

It will be very imperative for those of us in the US to pay close attention to October 5th and 6th as more news becomes available.   But as always, I will provide updates on my blog as it is being released!


The image below is the English Translation of a post from a fellow French Blogger.  Since my French isn't that good, Google Translate helped fill in the details!
I will be in close touch with runDisney, Disneyland Paris and fellow bloggers as more information comes available!  Here is a link to the blog, Run Online, and their personal experience on the race course!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Truth About the Snack Machine!

The Snack Machine is sitting at the end of the hall:  it sits there every day.

Nutritional Information in Snack Machines
And the reality is that I have a love/hate relationship with it:  I love chocolate; I love salty things; I love sweets; and I hate having to use my super power of #selfcontrol every single day!

And many of you are just like me!
Here's a look at the most popular items that turned up on the Facebook Survey!
Snack Calories Fat Sodium Sugar Protein
Lay's Potato Chips 150 10g 180mg 0g 1g
Doritos 140 8g 180mg 1g 2g
Cheetos-Baked 130 5g 230mg 1g 2g
Fritos 160 10g 170mg 0g 2g
Tato Skins 144 8g 160mg 0g 0g
Snickers 250 12g 120mg 27g 4g
M&Ms 240 10g 30mg 30g 2g
Peanut M&Ms 250 13g 25mg 25g 5g
Butterfinger 330 12.1g 133mg 29.1g 3.6g
Kit Kat 200 11g 30mg 20g 3g
Reese's Cups 230 13.1g 791mg 21g 4.2g
Skittles 250 2.5g 10mg 47g -
Beef Jerky  72   1g 520mg 3.8g 11g
HoneyBun 440 25g 340 mg 29g 4g
Hostess CupCakes 358 25g 246 mg 20.2g 4g
* Results from

Surprising numbers! And good to know: Next time, I will think twice about the Reese's Cups!

Snack Machines are convenient, and that is their poison.  And self control doesn't stop the hunger pains; the reality is we will snack.  The key is to have something healthy at hand that will satisfy your urges. suggests the best snacks are a combination of fruit, cheese, vegetables and one simple, dark chocolate square.

I'll be looking more into healthy alternatives and working on an eat this/not that list! 

What snacks packed a punch you weren't aware of?
Let me know what you think!  Meanwhile, heading to the grocery store... : )

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

21 Ways in 21 Days to a Healtier You

Doing something every day for 21 Days can create a new habit!  And one of the best ways to create a new habit is to have encouragement!  

So for 21 days, starting August 21st, 
pick something positive to change your fitness and health, 
join our 21 Days with a Twist Challenge Group 
and see what a difference it can make!

I'll be doing the 21 Day Fix which will force me to exercise 30 minutes each day and use portion control.

What will you do?