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Saturday, December 31, 2016

002 Why Run in Disneyland?

Episode 002:  Why Run in Disneyland?
I love running in Disneyland!
You can check out my past runs on my runDisney Page, See the Medals and the Excitement!

In the podcast we talked about several reasons why I think Disneyland is a great place to run:

1.  The Magic Started in Disneyland!  And your runDisney Journey should be where the Magic started it all!

2.  Lots of local support for the races with registration and cheering fans.

3.  The Garden Park / Anaheim community is great to run through with lots of local bands, cheerleaders and families showing up for support.

4.  Flat Course

5. Great Weather

6.  Good Neighbor Hotels are affordable and have ART bus support on race day.

7.  Disneyland's Resorts are SO close to the race start!

We also talked about the races...And As promised, runDisney Disneyland by the numbers:

2016 Numbers/ 2017 Costs


Star Wars – Light Side  Half Marathon Weekend
Held in Jan / Register in March
Fri – Sun
Expo opens Thursday
Kids Races $20
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $185
Rebel $330
Big Local Turnout
Star Wars Fans
Half 12323
Rebel 4500

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend
Held in May Mothers Day Weekend / Register in June
Fri – Sun
Expo opens Thursday
Kids Races  $20
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $185
Pixie Dust $330
80% Women
Tinkerbell Themed
Half 11406 Women
Half 1738 Men
Pixie Dust 3760

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend
Held in August / Register in Dec
Fri – Sun
Expo opens Thursday
Kids Races  $20
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $185
Dumbo Double Dare $330
Largest Disneyland Race
Classic Disney

Half 13084
DDD 4760

Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend
Held in November / Register in January
Fri – Sun
Expo opens Thursday
Kids Races $20
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $185
Infinity Gauntlet $330
Large Local Turnout
Smallest Race
Half 7734
10K 8243
Infinity 3640

Very Exiting race season in Disneyland!

Which one will you run?
let me know!

Friday, December 30, 2016

004 Challenge Medals - I Want Them All!

Challenge Medals are found in Every Race Weekend... and I want them all!  And you can have them, too!

Challenge Medals bring so Much to a Race!

  • Super Charge the Race
  • Create Great Training Motivators
  • Give you Double the miles, medals and shirts!
  • Force you to Tackle your fears
  • Help you Achieve the Best Disney has to offer!
And you can achieve a Challenge Medal at Every Race!

WDW Marathon Weekend Challenges
Goofy's Race and Half
Castaway Cay

Star Wars Light Side Challenge

Princess Half Challenge
Glass Slipper

Star Wars Dark Side Challenge
Dark Side

Tinkerbell Half Challenge
Pixie Dust

Disneyland Half Challenge
Dumbo Double Dare

Wine and Dine Half Challenge
Lumiere's 2 Park

Super Heros Half Challenge
Infinity Gauntlet

Disneyland Paris Half Challenge
2 Park Challenge

Special Challenge Medals

These require running a Half Marathon in Disneyland and Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris within a calendar year!

Coast to Coast Challenge
-original Multi-Park Challenge Medal
-Half Marathons Only
-Run one race in WDW/Run Another in Disneyland in a Calendar Year

Coast to Coast Challenge - Pink Edition
Run Princess Half and the Tinkerbell Half in a Calendar Year

Kessel Run Challenge
Run Both Star Wars Half Marathons

Castle to Chateau Challenge
Run a Race in WDW or Disneyland and the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon

SO Many Medals - And SO Little Time!!

003 Why Run the Wonderful World of WDW?

Running in Walt Disney World can be so much fun! - Larger Races mean more excitement and a big, big party!

- More Options to stay on Disney property, and the value resorts make it affordable for the whole family to come along!

- Great Transportation Support to and from the race

- The Only weekend with a Marathon!

- Princess Half and WDW Weekends are the most popular to run!

runDisney at Walt Disney World by the Numbers!

WDW Marathon Weekend    
Held in Jan /  Register in February
Thu – Sun
Expo opens Wednesday         
 Kids Races  $20 – 30
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $185
Full $185
Goofy $365
Dopey $560
Castaway Cay  $70
Biggest Time Investment
Largest $ Investment

52% First Time Runners
Flagship Race
Classic Disney Race
10K 11291
Half 17743
Goofy 7650
Dopey 5500

Princess Half Marathon Weekend
Held in Feb / Register in May
Fri - Sun
Expo opens Thursday
Kids Races  $20 – 30
 5K $75
10K $120
Half $185
Glass Slipper $320
80% Women
52% First Time Runners
Most Popular Half
Princess Themed
Half 18099 Women
Half  2039 Men
Glass Slipper 6080

 Star Wars – Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend
Held in April / Register in May
Fri – Sun
Expo Opens Thursday
Kids Races  $20 – 30
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $185
Dark Side $330
Large Half
Star Wars Fans
Half 18183
Dark Side 6000

Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend
Held in November / Register in Jan
Fri – Sun
Expo opens Thursday
Kids Races  $20 – 30
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $199
2 Park Challenge  $340
Food and Wine Festival Party
Half 12658
10K 9263
Challenge 5640

So Many Great Choices for Walt Disney World!
Which one will you run?

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