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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Surviving Tendonitis: Patience You Must Have

training tendonitis yoda Star Wars Half Marathon

It all started in March when I bought a new pair of running shoes:  I noticed that my heels were hurting during and after I ran, especially in the morning.  In fact, I could hardly walk in the moring.    I figured that I just needed to "break in" my new shoes.  But 3 months and lots of pain later, I wasn't in a happy place after I ran.   And taking pain medicine wasn't an answer; pain is your body telling you something is wrong.  This fact made me panicky because I have so many long distance goals next year!  So, I sought out a Sports Medicine/Orthopedic Physician, who I thought would be the best way to help recovery.  And this is what I found out...

How did this happen?
foot pain running

Our feet are rather complicated; and tendonitis in your feet can be from any stress related event:
  • certain antibiotics
  • weight gain
  • speed training
  • quick stops, starts, turns
  • twists, sprains
  • shoes
  • incline training
  • muscle cramps/dehydration
  • past injuries
  • lack of stretching
  • hamstring strain
  • genetics
For me, the Doctor felt like it was a combination of things, new shoes, speed training, dehydration, not enough stretching, and a history of twisted ankles that built up to my tendonitis.

How were we going to fix it?
1. R E S T !  This is really, really hard for me.  I have to ease into running by walking until that feels comfortable, then slowly add running.

2. Anti-inflammatory medicine:  I can't take Advil/Motrin because it makes me feel like a swallowed a bucket of nails!  So, I've been prescribed Mobic to take once a day for inflammation.   

2. The Boot:  In order for your tendons to heel properly, they need to be in the right position, just like fixing a broken bone.  For you feet, tendons heal at night when you are at rest, and they heal best when kept at  a 90 degree angle:  hence the boot!

half marathon

... on both feet!  I got absolutely no sleep for 2 weeks.  And really no relief:  the boot introduced more pain on my bones.  The boot is not an option at this point.

3.  Shots:  Next up was a cortisone shot in each foot.  The pain of the shorts was worth the hope of running again! The result was a success on the left foot; but some inflammations remaining in the right foot resulting in minor pain in the achilles and ankle of my right foot.   So, not a complete fix either.

4.  Physical Therapy:  Next up is physical therapy and massage.   I'm working on stretching every day, alternating heat and ice,  wearing compression, and getting neuromuscular massage.  Formal physical therapy would be 3 days a week, but we aren't at that point yet!

5.  Nutrition:  I made some nutrition changes, such as cutting out bananas and switching protein powders.  As it turned out a bad mistake!   High protein drinks help me manage my low blood sugar, and earlier this year, I switched to a protein powder that was less expensive by about 20 dollars. The new protein powder was missing 2 important nutrients that were in my old favorite: potassium and magnesium.  That move plus not eating bananas, led to severe cramps in my feet which could have been one of the deciding factors in my tendonitis.   So, I am back on the old faithful protein powder with a banana thrown in!  

6.  Patience!  Bottom Line... it takes time and I must be patient!  I don't want to run just another year - I want to run another 50 years!   

I'll be honest with you, I am so worried about gaining weight and getting behind, and even fighting off being depressed.  However, I am taking it slow.  If I can walk without pain, I can start walk/running and then move into slow running.  He said no speed training until I'm fully recovered.  

I must head Master Yoda's advice! Because I am #AllinforParis!!

Have you ever been sidelined?  I"d love to hear your story!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

#AllinforParis July 2015 Update!

Here is the latest update from Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend!  It's a mixed bag of news, really, and much is still unknown.  This is what I do know:

1st, our wonderful team at runDisney that handles Disney World and Disneyland Events will not be helping us on this journey!  We are charting new territory here with the Disneyland Paris Team:  should be interesting!  The runDisney team told me that there would be a separate number to call outside of the 407-939-iRun; and the number had not yet been established.

2nd, we have two options:  To register on October 6th, 2015 or January 12, 2016.  Here is the official word from Disneyland Paris:
"Package registration for the Disneyland® Paris Half Marathon Weekend is scheduled to open on October 6, 2015.
Register for the Disneyland® Paris Half Marathon Weekend by booking directly with Disneyland Paris or by organizing your trip via one of our travel partners"

"How do you register? Full details of how to register via Disneyland Paris as well as the list of travel partners will be made available on October 6th 2015 when our travel packages go on sale.

Race-only registration (without travel packages) will open on January 12th 2016"
Also, it was noted that information on running for charities will not be posted until October 6th.

3rd, Looks like our Disneyland Paris Half plans are as mysterious and exotic and Paris itself!  Which makes it tough on those of us who like to be organized!

What I do know from talking to Disneyland Paris Agents:

-If you stay on site, all resorts are walking distance <5 minutes to the gate
-The Cast Members suggest that Americans should stay at New Yorker or Disneyland Hotel.
-Typical package includes Bed/Breakfast/Tickets
-The current practice when booking with the American Market, does not include Disney's Magical Shuttle to and from airport. However, we can call the company directly and book transfers.  When I contacted Magical Shuttle, they gave me a quote of $65 Dollars each way; to and from the airport.  This operation is similar to the Disneyland Express out of Los Angeles.
-Current package costs for the New Yorker Resort with 4 Day Tickets; arriving on Thursday before the race and leaving on Monday after the race:  Single Occupancy was $1600.00 and  Double Occupancy was $2140.00

Will registration costs be folded into the package ?
Will airline costs be folded into the package?
Will there be flexible dates/length of stay?  I want to tour England, France and Italy and may not want to be stuck in a Disneyland Package.
Will registration require double occupancy?  Can you add 3 or 4 to the room?
Typical Disneyland Paris Packages come with Bed/Breakfast/Tickets.  Will this the same for the race packages?
If you decide not to book a package, will there be host hotels?  And will there be race day transportation to and from the hotels?

Seems like more questions than answers!  Hopefully more information will be released before October 6th!  All the uncertainty makes me nervous!

What questions did I leave off?  What are you concerned about?  Let me know and I will ad them to my list!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#AllinforParis Travel Tips: Passport Must Knows!

#allinforparis Disneyland Paris Passport Information

Updated November 2016
It was so exciting to tour London and Paris and take part in the Inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend!  But as with any travel overseas, I had to take time to get everything in place and planned well before I headed to the airport!

A very important item on your planning list must be your Passport!

Normal passport processing for new or renewed passports can take 4 to 6 weeks, so plan accordingly.

1. First Time Passport  You must apply in person at an accepted Passport Office.

2. Renewing Your Passport  
You can Renew by Mail IF Your Current Passport:
- is undamaged and can be submitted with your application
- was issued when you were 16 or older
- was issued within the last 15 years
- was issued in your current name

You will still need a new passport photo and you can find mailing instructions, forms and fees ONLINE

If you don't meet the above criteria, you must apply in person at a Passport Office

3. Traveling to France
If your Passport expires after you return home from Paris, in Oct, Nov, Dec of this year, I highly suggest renewing early.  The European Union is currently reviewing all travel laws and you don't want any unexpected roadblocks for your trip home.   

4.  Fees
Fees can range from $30 to $165 dollars; be sure to add these fees to your travel budget.   A full fee schedule is attainable in PDF

5. Passport Cards
Passport Cards are not valid for traveling internationally by Air, but they are good for identification and serve as a copy of your Passport.

6. Online Services
Don't use online third-party services to process your Passport.   You will be handing over your personal information and passport to unidentified entities.

The process is actually easy, and I had Passport renewed within 4 weeks!

What about you?  Have you checked your Passport Lately?
Questions or concerns, let me know!  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Time to Start Training: I have my 2016 Bucket List of Events!

Running, Biking Events and Training Plans

I sat down this weekend and thought about all the races I wanted to do from now through 2016 and created my Racing Event Bucket List for 2016!  Bucket lists help keep us focused on where we are going, why we are doing it, and to budget for the fun!

It looks like I am going to be busy!

Superdome Holiday Run - December
Pass to the Bay 10K - December
Last Chance to run 15K - December
Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend - January
Crescent City Class (New Personal Record) - Spring
National Park Half Marathon - Spring
Duathlon - Early Summer
Bikes, Blues, and Bayous - August
Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend  - September  Castle to Chateau Medal
Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend - November - Coast to Coast Medal

One really big goal for me is to participate in the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon!  I am #allinforParis!  But actually all of these events are exciting to me, and overall, it looks like a lot to do so... it's time to start training!

I have my 2016 Training plans completed through September; and since the Princess Half Marathon is right behind Star Wars, I have combined the two for those of you who want to train with me!

Star Wars Half Marathon / Princess Half Marathon Training Plans

My approach to training includes timed runs, cross training, interval training, and distance runs:  it's a plan that helps prevent injuries, builds strength and increases speed.  

Things to Remember:
Life happens!  And sometimes family priorities win out over running, or an injury grabs our energy.  But don't give up; just adapt and overcome!   Right now, I have Achilles tendonitis and have been told no running for at least 2 weeks:  I can walk or hit the elliptical.  So, for my timed and distance runs on the July Training Plan, I will be replacing those with the elliptical until released by the Dr.
We are all adventurers in this life, and life is way too short to just dream about what we want to do.  No race or event is too big or unreachable to be your list.  Write them down, start planning, and make them a reality!   Be prepared to make memories and amaze yourself!

I'd love to hear what your plans are for 2016!