Sunday, October 12, 2014

runDisney Race Check-in Bag: Remember The Important Things

Race Day Is So Exciting!  It's the event you been training so hard for and the anticipation is high!

So, the week before you leave, plan what you want to put in your race check-in bag; and then review the night before the race. These two steps will save you time and energy as you head to the starting line!

What Is A "Check-in Bag"

When you get your packet from the runDisney Expo, you will find a clear plastic bag and sticker that matches your Bib Number.  This is your bag for checking anything you don't want to hold on to while running the race.  No other bags will be accepted as a check-in bag:  everything must fit in the bag!  runDisney will have tents/stations set aside just for dropping these off and picking them up!
Clear Check-in Bag is in your runDisney Packet!

Volunteers will take care of your bag for you!

What to Put in The Bags:  first you need to decide if you are going straight to the parks, or going back to the resort.  This decision will determine what essentials will be in the bag.  Here is my list of minimal and the kitchen sick versions:

Minimal Items for Checked Bag – Heading Back to Resort After Race

Magic Band

Cash for Massage

ID and Credit Card (If you didn't run w/them)

Clean Shirt

Compression Socks

Snacks – Disney provides a Healthy Snack Box, but if you want a candy bar or specific after race food, pack it

Everything Including the Kitchen Sick – Heading to Parks

Minimal Items Checklist

Pants /Jacket


Baby Wipes to Freshen Up

Compression Socks

Comfortable Shoes

Lightweight Shoulder Bag

New Hat


Battery Charger for Phone

Phone (if you didn’t run with it)

Plastic Bag(s) for Wet Running Clothes and Dirty Shoes

Camera (if you didn’t run with it)

The Bags Themselves:  The clear plastic bag is really very thin. Both at the Disneyland Half and the Wine and Dine Half, the bag was broken before I even started.  The bag string was also rather long:  the bag hung way down to my calves. 

Plastic Bags are Think
The Fix:  If you plan to go straight to the parks and want a small backpack, bring a thin shoulder bag to check:  you want to feel comfortable carrying all your stuff while you are walking.  It needs to be sturdy enough to carry your sweaty clothes and running gear including your shoes.  My shoulder bag had an extra zipper which kept wallet and keys away from the stinky clothes!

My Shoulder Bag

Forgotten Items:  If you forget to put something in your check-in bag - too late!  At the Wine and Dine, we forgot to put in a baseball cap.  We were told that we couldn't get the bag back once it was checked in:  we could however put in another bag and write our race number on it, but those bags are not guaranteed to get back to you. 

The Fix:  Double check before you hand your stuff over - you don't want to run with added extras.

Caution:  Disney doesn't claim liability on any items left in a check-in bag.   You leave things in the hands of volunteers at your own risk.

It's better to be over prepared than not have what you want - just in case your plans change.  

Remember, think about this now, and then again the night before!

Good Luck!

And remember I am here to help you with planning your next race!

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