Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Possum Walk Heritage Trail - My New Trail Run!

Scenic Byways to Space Possum WalkThis past weekend I ventured out to find a new trail run.  I am looking for trails in South Mississippi or Louisiana, that would not only be great trail runs, but could also be outdoor family learning experiences as well.

For this weekend's adventure,  I chose the Possum Walk Heritage Trail at the NASA Infinity Center.     The Possum Walk trail leads you to historic Logtown; a town rich in our founding French history and later the booming timber industry. 

The Trailhead: The trail begins at the far left end of the parking lot at the NASA Infinity Center.  The NASA Infinity Center is located off exit I-10 South at Exit 2 just behind the Mississippi Welcome Center.
Heritage Trail - Possum Walk at NASA Infinity
The Trailhead has various maps and wildlife information
Find Possum Walk Trail at NASA Infinity Space Center
Possum Walk is located along the Dashed-Line
The Trail:  Possum Walk is a technical trail which means it is a dirt or rocky path; however, it does have a boardwalk and bridge toward mile 3 to get you over the Pearl River area.   The landscape is flat, soft sandy soil with muddy, wet sections depending on the amount of recent rain.
Possum Walk Heritage Tail at NASA Infinity Center
A dirt and sandy path encompasses most of the trail.
Possum Walk at NASA Inifinity Center
A beautiful boardwalk raises you above the swamp but keeps you close to nature.
Possum Walk Herirage Trail NASA Infinity Space Center
An iron bridge will carry you over the water.
The trail provides 3.2 mile ones way from the trailhead to Logtown.  With clear markers along the way, you can make this a 5K or 10K, whichever suits your workout for the day!
NASA Infinity Space Center
What you can expect to see:  Possum Walk is a trail through history and nature.  If exploring with your family, bring your curiosity because there is a lot to see.
NASA Infinity Space Center
NASA Infinity Space Center and Logtown
The trail crosses the Dummyline Railroad:  used during the logging era.
Logtown Byways to Space
Logtown Byways to Space NASA Infinity Space Center
Stop and Explore Logtown and the Town's Historic Cemetery
 Bring your local bird, flower, or wildlife book with you;  there is an abundant view of wildlife!
Possum Walk Trail at NASA Infinity Space Center
Possum Walk Heritage Trail NASA Infinity Space Center
Possum Walk Heritage Trail NASA Infinity Center
Possum Walk Heritage Trail NASA Infinity Space Center
Know before you go:  Possum Walk is a primitive trail.  Once you leave the NASA Infinity Center, there will not be water or restrooms.  Early in the morning would be the best time to head out, keeping in mind the Infinity Center opens at 10 am and closes at 4pm Monday through Saturday.  If you need a restroom during non operating hours, you will need to go to the Mississippi Welcome Center first.
Bring your own snacks and drinks; and be sure to Leave No Trace.
This is South Mississippi, wear sunscreen and bug spray.  Know the rules of the trail:  be mindful of your surroundings because there are snakes and alligators and other roaming animals.  And stay on the trail.
Possum Walk Heritage Trail NASA Infinity
You can read the Rules of the Trail at the Trailhead
And lastly, always bring a buddy, the trail is isolated and traveled lightly.  Bring your cell phone for communications:  the coverage is clear throughout the trail.
Whether you are looking for a new place to run or a new place for your family to explore, I highly recommend the Possum Walk! 
What are your favorite trails in South Mississippi or Louisiana?  Where should I head next?
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