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Thursday, April 14, 2016

runDisney Dark Side Half Marathon Expo

Aloha everyone!
  Syl (the Kessel Runner) is off buying EVERYTHING at the Dark Side Expo this morning, so she asked me to post some of the amazing things she found within the runDisney commemorative section. 

  As always, first rule is to get to the expo as early as possible, especially the

Running for the Star Wars Dark Side - In Costume!

My first runDisney race was in 2008, running both the 5K Mickey's Family Safari and Donald's ½ marathon at the WDW Marathon weekend. I was very serious in preparation, and nervous about the race... I had no idea what to expect.  This was my first Half Marathon and that was my focus:  run, run, run.  I never thought about what to wear; about having fun; or about stopping to get my picture made with Mary Poppins or at Cinderella's Castle!

Then I showed up for the race, and I saw and learned so much from that one weekend, than could I ever could have imagined.

Probably the most crucial thing I learned about runDisney was that looking “the part” was as just as important as actually running. Couples were dressed as Mickey and Minnie, flamingos, princesses, and many different variations of Goofy!  
And in the case of a Star Wars Race, it is your mission to become a part of the Galaxy: Choose The Light or the Dark Side of the Force!  

For this race, The Kessel Run Team did Mash Ups between some of our favorite Disney Characters and Star Wars Personalities.

For the 5K you will find us running as
Darth Minnie

Heart Trooper protecting General Hearts

For the 10K, we will all be joining the Stormtrooper Crew,  and as a throw back to my old blog "Glisten While You Run",  I decided to wear a Snow White Stormtrooper!

And for the Half,
"There is no one as quick as Gaston!"

and or as inthralled in her Star Wars Books as Belle!

Star Wars Fans are some of the most passionate and creative people you will get to know... I am so excited to see everyone this weekend!  Be on the look out for a wide range of costumes!

We are still putting on last minute touches and will our post our final costumes on Instagram, so follow me there!

Will the Dark Side win out on costumes this year?  It is our Destiny!



Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's Time for The Dark Side - Star Wars Half Marathon at WDW!

April 13, 2016
kessel runner

It's Finally here!  The Inaugural Star Wars Race in Walt Disney World!  I remember all of us speculating that they would replace Expedition Everest with a Star Wars Race - and it has really happened!

The week will be exciting!  I am starting it off sick though, I've had a sinus infection and bronchitis.  However, my Dr has me well taken care of - I will be on Hyperdrive!  And here's what I have going on!

The Expo will be available Thursday, Friday and Saturday!  I have been asked by KT Tape to work their booth!! So come by and See me on Thursday from 11am - 2pm.  (And I'll be getting KT Tape Swag to give away next week!)

I plan on being in line for the Expo at 9:30am.  I want first choice of the Official Merchandise:  sizes and styles go very quickly!  Then I will head on over to pick up my packet before heading to KT Tape.

I'll be participating in the 5K, Dark Side Challenge (10K and Half) and The Kessel Run Challenge: So excited to receive all of these medals!  I have been working with last minute ideas on costumes, and I'll be revealing costumes later this week - so stay tuned!

Oh! Have you Heard?  There is a Heat Advisory for this weekend and chances of Rain!  But, that's ok - Just be prepared!  Check Out my Tips on Being Weatherwise!

I'll be heading over to Star Tours at 12:30 on Saturday.   I would love to see all of you there!  Let's say we meet up at noon in Front of Star Tours!   And take a Selfie and Group Picture!

Always have fun!  I am looking forward to seeing Season of the Force at Hollywood Studios!  Disneyland's version was awesome and I know WDW will be even more amazing!  There is just so much to see... the new Jedi Training, Meeting Chewie and Kylo Ren, the new merchandise... it will be my little taste of Star Wars Weekends that I need!

Be sure to Follow me on Instagram - If you are here this weekend, I would love to meet you!  track me down!  And as always #MTFBWY



Monday, April 11, 2016

5 Great Features of the Camden Gear Hydration Pack

I'm shopping for a new running belt because my iPhone6S doesn't fit in my old running gear.  I am also one of those runners who has to carry everything!  So, on my quest to find the perfect running belt, I recently tried the Camden Gear Hydration Pack, and here is what I thought!
running belt kessel runner

1.  Adjustable Belt
This is a one size fits most adjustable belt using Velcro.  The product guide shows for waists up to 47 inches.  The Velco strap also gives you the flexibility to make the belt fit tight.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Super Easy Strawberry Cupcakes

 Not So Sugary, Easy Spring Cupcakes - You Will Want to Guard!

Those wonderfully juicy Louisiana Strawberries started showing up on the roadsides!  So, it was time to dig up my busy-mom version of Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Glaze.
strawberry cupcakes

This is a simple project for the whole family.   And by using fresh strawberries, you add a tartness to the cake and glaze that make these cupcakes worth guarding!