Thursday, August 24, 2017

You Are Sick: How to Approach runDisney?

It has happened to me numerous times… getting sick the week of a race! Especially for the WDW Marathon Weekend and the Princess Half Weekend because the months leading up to those races are cold and wet and I always end up with Bronchitis! 

We get sick for all kinds of reasons to dealing with sick kids to just wearing our bodies and immunities down. 

If you are heading into the Disneyland Half not feeling well, here are some tips for you… 

1st don't Panic! If you decide to run there are strategies to help you get there. 

2. Drink plenty of fluids – stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water (and for me OJ – I crave OJ when I'm sick) is good for you and will help flush the toxins out. 

3. Rest! Since this is the Week Before – you should be tapering anyway – so just relax and rest. Stretch, walk, get on the eliptical, but take it easy! 

Now after you and your family, and maybe even your family dr, have discussed it, and you have decided to go, Here are some strategies that have helped me in the past…  

1. Reduce Your Park Time 
At the last Dark Side Half Marathon, I was not feeling well at all, so I left my family to the parks and took to resting in the room. I would hang with them in the morning, head to the room in the afternoon, and then catch back up for Supper. Resting up the day before will go along way on race day.  

2. Continue Hydration 
Be sure and continue to drink lots of water and powerade if you can stomach it the day before your race.  

3. Pace Yourself 
Don't start off in a rush! If you aren't feeling good, it's going to take effort from the beginning to the end to get through it. You don't want to waste all of your energy up front. 

Take Walking Breaks. I always suggest for people who aren't feeling good to approach a runDisney Half from the Water Stops: Run to the Next Water Stop, Walk and Drink, Run to the Next Water Stop. If at any time you feel like you can't breathe, stop and walk a bit. 

Run Every Mile is another strategy where you run to each Mile Marker. Stop, Take a Picture, Walk a little bit, Run to the next Mile Marker. The object is to break up the race to keep from getting discourage. 

4. It's Ok If You Can't Make It 
Know where the First Aid Stations will be, and Stop if you need to! This is just one race in many, but you only have one body! Only you can determine what is best for you – take care of you! 

Bottom Line - maintaining positivity, not panic, is the key to getting through being sick for race day. 

So Far – so Good – I'm not sick – yet! However, Winter is Coming… 

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