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FAQ on runDisney

There is a lot information on the runDisney website – it can be so overwhelming!   Sometimes, it is very confusing because you have to dig for information. It's much easier just to ask me or someone else about runDisney, and I love giving advice!  So, I have put together the 10 most asked questions that I receive on runDisney all in one place!

1.How do I know that I’m registered?
As I get closer to the race, I start panicing about having all the information… such as my registration confirmation!  We all register now through  Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from This email will serve as your only confirmation of registration – runDisney will not send you a notice!  So, do the following:
- LogIn Your Email
- Search for or “Registration Confirmation”
- Find it, Print it out, tag it or put it in a special folder

2. Is the registration refundable?
Unfortunately, registration fees are not refundable.  And, you can’t defer to another year.

3. Do I have to run a certain pace? 
Yes!  runDisney does have pacing requirements of a 16 minute mile.  runDisney has pacing volunteers, called “The Balloon Ladies” who start in the last Corral, and will be your guide to see if you are falling behind.  If you fall behind, you may be swept or removed from the race course.

4. What is Proof of Time, Do I have to submit a Proof of Time, When is it Due?
Proof of Time is your time from a certified 10k, Half, 15K or Marathon.  You do not have to submit a Proof of Time, however, Proof of Time determines your Corral Placement.  Your race could have 10 or more Corrals.  The First Corral is for elite runners, and the rest of us will fall into the other Corrals based on Proof of Time.
Each race has a different date to submit.  You can find your race information
-runDisney Page
-Your Race
-Proof of Time

5. Does my race registration include entry into the park? Do I need Tickets to Run the Race?
You do not need tickets to run the race!  Each race has a different race course and will take through the parks!  If you want to see the parks outside of the race, you will need to purchase those separately.

6. Is bag check available for runDisney races?
Yes.  However, you must use the runDisney specific check-in bag – no other bags accepted.  You receive this clear plastic bag as part of your packet at the Expo.  The bag will include a number that matches your race bib, so that you and only you can pick up your bag at the end of the race.

7. What is a Bib? What is included on my Bib?
Your personalized bib is a way that race organizers keep track of you during the race.  The runDisney Bibs will include your first name, your race number and your Corral Assignment (Usually a letter of the Alphabet).  If you are registered for multiple races, you will have multiple Bibs.  Each Bib has a tracking chip that is triggered when you cross certain points along the race: the chip is how runDisney knows your times and can publish them at a later date.

8. Will the race be cancelled or postponed due to weather?
All runDisney races will be held rain or shine, except in the case of lightning.   You may have a delay if lighting or they may cancel the race altogether.  A good way to keep up with runDisney notices is to follow them on Twitter.

9. What is a waiver?  And how do I get it?
Waivers are a consent form that you need to read and sign before you can pick up your race bib.  Waivers will be provided online approximately two weeks before the race.
-runDisney Page
-Your Race

You must have your signed waiver and a Photo ID with you to pick up your race packet.
A parent or legal guardian must complete and sign the waiver for any participant under 18 years old. No exceptions will be made.  And if you forget your waiver, runDisney does provide computers and printers to access your waivers.

10. How Will I Get to and from the Race?
If you are staying on site at Disneyland, you will be a short walking distance to the start and finish of all races.  If you are staying at a Good Neighbor Hotel, the Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) is free for all runners! If you are staying off site at Disneyland, parking will be in the Disneyland Parking Lot and be sure and be parked at least an hour and half before the race.

If you are staying on site at WDW, runDisney provide bus transportation to and from the race from your resort.  Your resort will have the times posted in the lobby and ask concierge if you have any questions.

If you are staying off site at WDW, be aware of road closures and be at the parking lot of your race start (EPCOT, ESPN, Magic Kingdom, etc.) and parked at least an hour and half before the race.

I have had lots of experiences and mistakes with runDisney, so I have lots of answers for all of your questions!

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