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Saturday, February 4, 2017

2017 Princess Half Course: A Route for a Princess

February 2017:

It's time to look at the race course and see what we have the Princess Half Marathon has waiting for us!

Even though I won't be running this year, I have lots of friends who are!  And the Geek in me still studies the course and everything in between.  I like to divide it into 4 parts:  Journey to the Magic Kingdom; Dreaming of the Castle ; Trek to Epcot; and Last Miles to Smiles!

So let's get started!

Journey to the Magic Kingdom!

You will be starting in the Epcot Explore parking lot.  The buses will drop you off in the staging area where you can leave your check-in bag and head over to the porta potties.  From there, you will be guided into your corrals.   Disney starts the race on time, and each corral will start with fanfare and fireworks!   And your off!

Monday, January 2, 2017

001 Beyond the Kessel Run: An Introduction

Welcome to Beyond The Kessel Run: Your runDisney Galaxy Broadcast!

I am kicking off my new Podcast!  To share my experiences with runDisney and Beyond!

I receive a lot of questions about runDisney, mostly what is it and why would I want to run it!

I believe in the runDisney movement!  It is a movement that is growing by thousands, each and every race.

I participate in runDisney for 4 reasons:

1.  Empowerment
You will find people from all backgrounds and countries, coming together to share their experiences and achieve the impossible!

2.  Motivation
You get to run to the Castle!  And wear a costume and be a kid again!  You will look forward to these things from the moment you sign up!

3.  Family
There is a race for everyone in your family!

4.  Memories
Each race brings a special memory to your life!

runDisney is the Happiest Race on Earth and I want to share this with you!

I've learned a lot through the years, and I want to share my mistakes, my tips, my wins and losses.

I also want to talk about what is beyond the runDisney race... how to manage your run-vacation!  We will explore beyond registration that helps you train, prepare, navigate the expo, the parks and explore beyond the parks into Anaheim and Orlando.

To hear more about my Podcast adventure, check out the first Podcast!

And tell me how I can help you to reach your runDisney goals and Beyond!

Read More:  5 Reasons to Run The Happiest Race on Earth!

Catch Up on my Podcast Here!


Saturday, December 31, 2016

002 Why Run in Disneyland?

Episode 002:  Why Run in Disneyland?
I love running in Disneyland!
You can check out my past runs on my runDisney Page, See the Medals and the Excitement!

In the podcast we talked about several reasons why I think Disneyland is a great place to run:

1.  The Magic Started in Disneyland!  And your runDisney Journey should be where the Magic started it all!

2.  Lots of local support for the races with registration and cheering fans.

3.  The Garden Park / Anaheim community is great to run through with lots of local bands, cheerleaders and families showing up for support.

4.  Flat Course

5. Great Weather

6.  Good Neighbor Hotels are affordable and have ART bus support on race day.

7.  Disneyland's Resorts are SO close to the race start!

We also talked about the races...And As promised, runDisney Disneyland by the numbers:

2016 Numbers/ 2017 Costs


Star Wars – Light Side  Half Marathon Weekend
Held in Jan / Register in March
Fri – Sun
Expo opens Thursday
Kids Races $20
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $185
Rebel $330
Big Local Turnout
Star Wars Fans
Half 12323
Rebel 4500

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend
Held in May Mothers Day Weekend / Register in June
Fri – Sun
Expo opens Thursday
Kids Races  $20
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $185
Pixie Dust $330
80% Women
Tinkerbell Themed
Half 11406 Women
Half 1738 Men
Pixie Dust 3760

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend
Held in August / Register in Dec
Fri – Sun
Expo opens Thursday
Kids Races  $20
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $185
Dumbo Double Dare $330
Largest Disneyland Race
Classic Disney

Half 13084
DDD 4760

Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend
Held in November / Register in January
Fri – Sun
Expo opens Thursday
Kids Races $20
 5K $80
10K $120
Half $185
Infinity Gauntlet $330
Large Local Turnout
Smallest Race
Half 7734
10K 8243
Infinity 3640

Very Exiting race season in Disneyland!

Which one will you run?
let me know!