Thursday, August 3, 2017

Princess and the ChEar Squad

You’ve signed up for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend and your family is coming along for the Disney fun and to support you !   But what are they going to do??

Well – I suggest the ChEar Squad! 

So, What is the ChEar Squad?
The ChEar Squad lets your family be right in the middle of the magic of the Princess Half Marathon Weekend!  They receive their own swag for the race and they get front row seating and all the royal treatment that your regal family deserves!

My family loved being a part of the ChEar Squad.  It was a comfort to them that they would get to see me, that they wouldn’t miss me crossing the finish line and that we could enjoy the accomplishment together.  Not to mention, they enjoyed the drinks and private restrooms!

The ChEar Squad is for the Half Marathon only and you have 2 packages.

Gold Package
-runDisney ChEAR Squad goody bag
-reserved viewing location near Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom Park
-reserved grandstand seating with Hot/cold beverages and Private restrooms

Platinum Package
-Hospitality Tent
-Disney Character Meet & Greet
-Designated Family Meet Up 

Is it worth it?
For me, it was.  Knowing that my family had a place to go made me feel better.  I really needed them there because my family is why I run… to be a better mom and friend.  I wanted them to share in my excitement of crossing the finish line.   It also gave them something to do so they could be a part of the whole experience and it wasn’t just mom doing a race.  It is so much more than that and they need to see all of the excitement!

We have done both the Gold and Platinum.  Having then Tent (Plantinum) was great because if it was too cold or hot or rainy, my family had a place to escape.

I asked my family – was it worth it?

They thought the Character Meet and Greet was fun, the food was great, and having a place to go was good, too.
They thought riding the runDisney buses was convenient and getting to the stands was easy.  They had lots of entertainment and loved the commentary from the hosts.  They kept up with me on the race with txt messages, and were excited to see me show up!  Enjoyed cheering! 

They did however have trouble getting over to the family meet up areas and said that was a down side.  However, good news on this… if you buy the Premium Package, you will have your own area to meet your family to avoid the crowds this year!

Would I do it again?

I think I would.  It is an added expense.  But I think it is all a part of the experience and it’s all worth it to me!

If you need more information about runDisney and how to get your family involved - let me know!

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