Friday, July 21, 2017

Packing Checklist for runDisney!

Whew!  All the hard stuff is out of the way, you've trained and are ready to race!  Now you need to think about packing for Disney!  Packing for a runDisney race is completely different than any other race or trip.  Disney does a phenomenal job at organization and preparation; but you still need to be ready for anything unexpected.   Finding what you forgot at the last minute will be difficult, so it is best to have everything thing with you.

Weather is a big factor in a runDisney race because it is always unpredictable in Florida:  I've run the Marathon Weekend in January where one year I ran in sleet and snow and the next year in blazing heat.   Be sure and only bring clothes you are comfortable wearing, and dedicate time at home trying new equipment out before you make the journey.   Start checking the weather 10 days out:   as the race gets closer, accuracy will get better.  Any forecast outside of 10 days is a glorified guess.  Within 3 - 5 days you will have a better understanding on what the weather will be.   You will need to prepare for all possible weather conditions now, including rain, heat, freezing temps and even snow.

A runDisney race is like no other race on Earth!  The only thing that is similar is the running:  everything else is unique.  Here are a few things to remember:

First, you will want to be on the bus no later than 4am, with the race starting at 5:30 am, and waiting for an hour in the cool or cold morning.  You will need to bring oversized, "throw away" long sleeve shirts and possible long pants to wear over your running outfit:  things you can discard along the race as you warm up.  (no worries!  Disney donates the left over clothing!)  Be sure and bring your pre-race food, extra toilet paper, wipes and anything else you need because there will be time to eat, use the bathroom and stretch.

Second, this is a Disney race!  Have FUN even if this is a race for your personal best!  This is a magical race and you will want to stop and take pictures of Princesses and Castles and all sorts of Characters along the way!  Bring your phone or small camera with you:  there will be professional photographers along the race, but you will want that selfie! 

Third, since these are Disney races, first aid stations will be available if you need band aids, tylenol, muscle gel, glide, etc:  leave these out of your running gear which will free up room.

Forth, if you do forget something, the Expo has a fabulous display of vendors presenting clothing, techy stuff and essentials.  It may not be what you trained with, but something new is better than nothing.  Also a great place to check out new gear for your next race.

So, pull out your suitcase and let's start packing for a runDisney race:

runDisney Checklist


Running Pants or Short

Running Shoes

Extra Socks

Compression Shorts/Running Underwear

Running Top/Tank/Shirt

Compression Socks


Sun Glasses

Cold Weather Gear:  Gloves, Cap, Layers

Rain Gear

Running Tech

Fanny Pack/Running Buddy

Sun Screen

Lip Balm

GPS Watch

Music:  iPod Shuffle/Phone + ziploc bag to use if it rains


Fuel (Bananas, Gu, Protein Bar, etc.)

Before Snacks While Waiting in Corral

During Snacks for the Run

Extra Snacks Just in Case:  You never know how you will exert energy, so be prepared

Water Bottle


Race CheckIn Bag

Change of Underwear, Socks, Tshirt, etc

Magic Band

Gym Sack


Baby Wipes to Clean Up With


runDisney races are tremendous and unique in their own way.  The only thing they have in common with other road races is mileage:  this is the hardest part.  Being prepared is not just for Boy Scouts; it's for running races, too.  Come Trained, Prepared and Have Fun!

Download The Checklist!

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