Sunday, July 24, 2016

FanGirl List for London: Part 2

Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch

Still planning my top 10 Things for my FanGirl Trip to London! I'm on to one of the newest fan favorite series - Sherlock!

What FanGirl wouldn't want to walk where Benedict Cumberbatch has walked?  So, that leads us to the set of Baker Street!

5. Speedy's Cafe
Baker Street in Sherlock is actually filmed on North Gower Street with Speedy's Cafe being a big fan stop!  We will have breakfast and tea there and hope that filming might be on for the day!

6. Simpson's-in-the-Strand
We will need to do as Holmes would do, and have dinner at The Strand!  The Strand is Holmes' favorite restaurant and was featured in at least 2 episodes.  I am looking forward to getting a real feel for Holmes' London !

7. Benedict's Picks!
Benedict recently gave us a peak into his favorite places in London.  In his neighborhood, Hamstead, he suggested The Stag for burgers and The Wells as an amazing pub!  And if we feel like dressing up (requires a dress code), we will head over to another favorite of his, The Ivy, for cocktails!

Sounds exciting doesn't it?  And we still have 3 more stops to go on my FanGirl Tour!

If you missed one through four, you can read more on my FanGirl Harry Potter List for London!

Have you done any Sherlock tours?  Let me know!

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