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runDisney Registration Tips

runDisney Registration Tips

Updated May 2017
Registering for a runDisney race seems simple right?  Well it can be, but it can also be stressful when the race sells out in minutes!  And the servers crash!  And you didn't get in!

So, over the years I have learned my lessons the hard way, and I have some tips to share with you to help make registering easier!

1. Know What You Will Be Registering For:  Don't wait till you log in to think about what you are going to register for, know before you go!
  • Will you be doing the Family 5K and Kids Races?  
  • Do you need the Chear Squad for your family?
  • Will you be doing the 10K or half or both?  
  • Did you want commemorative merchandise?
  • Did you want the Pasta Party?
Make a list and be ready!

2.  Have a Plan B:  If you are planning on running a challenge, Dumbo, Goofy, Dopey, Glass Slipper, etc., and the challenge fills up, have a plan as to which race or races will be your second choice.  Keep in mind that just because you run all the races, you will not get the special medal if you didn't sign up for the challenge.   If you planned to run as a group, have an understanding before registration if one of you is not able to get the challenge.

3.  Get Everyone's Information:  If you are registering for more than just yourself, you will need to gather the following information before you get online:
  • Active.com login/password for each person**
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone#
  • Birthdate
  • Email address
  • Shirt Size
  • Credit Card information 
** only children 18 and older need an Active.com account.  A parent or guardian can register a minor.
4.  Have Your Proof of Time:  If you have already met your proof of time, have the following race information at hand when you register:
  • City
  • State
  • Name of Race
  • Year
  • Distance
  • Finish Time in Hours, Minutes, Seconds
If you need to update your time after registration, or if you don't have your time yet, you can do so at a later time  Using This LINK.  

5.  Be Online Early:  Don't wait for the reminder email from runDisney; set a reminder for yourself.  For a very popular race, or a new race, registration will be heavy and the servers will be slow.  Registration opens at 11am CST, 12noon ET; be online NLT 15 minutes early with all your information.  Make sure and have your Active.com UserID and Password handy. Navigate to your event on the runDisney.com page.

6.  Have a Backup:  If you know a friend is going to register also, share registration information.  One of you can register for the other in an emergency.  Be sure you and your friend are on different networks; if one network is having the issues, the other can pitch in.

7.  Use Multiple Devices / Networks:   Since runDisney's implementation of the queue system, a couple of glitches have shown up during registration:   not all browsers or operations systems communicate effectively with the registration servers.  Don't be the one left out due to technology - have multiple devices online, such as laptop, smartphone, and/or ipad,  just in case one or more aren't communicating.  When the whole world is registering for a race, you want a fast, reliable connection!

8.  Keep an Eye on Twitter and Facebook:  runDisney Facebook and Twitter will keep you posted on any issues, and always have great information.
NOTE:  You will be required to acknowledge 4 Different Waivers at the time of registration:
  1. Active.com Waiver
  2. Event Location Waiver for Florida or California
  3. Resort Waiver Walt Disney World or Disneyland
  4. Packet Pickup Waiver

 You must agree to all the waivers to register!
Being prepared is always a good philosophy, and it pays off when registering for a runDisney race, too!

Once you are registered, your commitment is set!  Good Luck Training!

If you have any questions about registration or training or help putting together your travel plans, please let me know at kesselrunner77@gmail.com

Learn more about runDisney Races!

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