Saturday, June 4, 2022

HOT Tips for European Travel


Europe is a top destination this Summer, and travelers are eager and ready to go!

Here are my 4 Top Tips for European Travel this Summer.

1.  Don't Over Pack!

We have a tendency to pack everything and the kitchen sick, but you don't need it.  Plan you clothes so that you can have basic pants or skirts with interchangeable tops.  Rail travel is very popular and you will need to keep you bags small and maneuverable.  Less is more when packing!

2.  Don't Be Oblivious

Unfortunately, tourist tend to stick out like a sore thumb.  Keep track of your belonging; keep them close.  Keep wallets/phones close to you, preferably in front pockets or a belt under your clothes.  Don't keep loose money in your backpack or luggage.  Be aware of your surroundings, be kind and polite!

3.  Keep Cash and Coins Handy (Bathrooms aren't FREE)

Small towns and street vendors will prefer cash.  And most importantly, bathrooms usually cost a few coins.  Having to use the bathroom and not having any coins handy created a few frantic moments for us!

4.  Don't Over Plan

Definitely Plan!  BUT leave room for each excursion to explore and enjoy dining and unexpected finds.


So many more things I'd love to share, contact me for more info!

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