Thursday, September 28, 2017

Wine Not? FAQ on the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend!

The Wine and Dine Half Marathon is one of my favorite runDisney races! I love the theme and the after party! Grant it - I loved the race more when it was at night -but it is still a great time to runDisney! Epcot is beautifully decorated and the Food and Wine festival is amazing!  I receive a lot of questions about the Wine and Dine!  Mainly, I think because it is so much fun! And everyone wants to do it!  It is a smaller race, with average of 12000 participants, but it is the only one with a Super, Awesome After Party!
So - Here are the most asked questions:

What events are offered at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon?
Half Marathon
2 Course Challenge
Kids Races  

Is it too late to register? No! If you want to register just with runDisney,
Half Marathon
2 Course Challenge
Kids Races
Are open through runDisney's website.

Charities have ALL openings including the 5K and 10K.
You can find the Charity Groups @

Be willing to provide a donation of $500 or more to run!  It is a great option! I have run for charities many times. If you need to know more - Check out my Podcast #014 to see if it is right for you!  

What Resorts are Host Resorts? First of all, a Host Resort, is a Disney Resort where runDisney provides transportation to and from the Expo and to and from the Race. Luckily, ALL Disney resorts are Host Resorts for the 2017 Wine and Dine Half Marathon!

This was not always the case -  we have stayed at non-Host Resorts in the past and having runDisney transportation is a BIG Plus!

What is the After Party? And do I need a Ticket?

The Post Race Party for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon is held on Sunday, November 5th at 10pm - 1am. It is an exclusive after hours entry into the Food and Wine Festival.

Runners who ran the Half Marathon or 2 Course Challenge are FREE. Anyone else must purchase a ticket. They are $79 dollars each and can be purchased here -->

This party is a lot of fun! It's a great way to celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy the Food and Wine festival!  

Is it too late to update my Proof of Time? Yes - Unfortunately! The deadline for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon was August 1st. You can learn more about Proof of Time in Podcasts #23 and #28 - and be ready for your next race!  

What time do the races start? What time do I need to be in the Corrals? All the races, 5K, 10K, and Half start at 5:30am. I suggest being in the staging area at 4:30am. Plan on being on the bus - if you are staying at a host resort - at 4am.

If you are staying off site, be sure to add in time for traffic and road closings.

The 5K starts in the Animal Kingdom Parking Lot
The 10K and Half Start in the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot

 How do I get back to my Resort after the Race? runDisney provides buses to and from the Race.   Just be sure and look for signs to the bus areas, or just ask a CM.  

Can I go directly to the parks after the race? The 10K and Half end in the Epcot Parking Lot. Be sure and pack a change of clothes in your Check In Bag so that you can change in a Restroom. Include anything you need like wipes, deodorant, compression socks. ( I highly suggest compression socks after the races to keep your legs from cramping. )

Remember to drink a lot of water while in the parks! Stay Hydrated.

All the parks open at 9 am on Sunday, November 4th and 5th. Use the Monorail to get to the Transportation Center for transfers to your favorite park!  

What will the weather be like in November? The average weather in Florida in November High 78 / Low of 60 / Humidity 89% That doesn't mean that it won't rain, thunder, or turn cold. November is a transition month in the South and you can still have temperature swings. Be prepared and look at the weather before you leave for Disney. Have options for your costume. You can find out more about being Weather Wise in Episode #11 of the Podcast.

I have a question for you! Are you ready for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon!?

If there was an issue I didn't address here, please let me know at

And take a look at the Podcast tab on my blog  for more information!

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