Tuesday, October 20, 2015

White House getting in spirit of Back to the Future Day!

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Looks like everyone is going to be celebrating Marty McFly's triumphant voyage to the future.  All of this is done with the assistance of his friend Doc Brown and a tricked out DeLorean, but remember
it will only remain the future till tomorrow at 4:29pm... Heavy isn't it!  The White House  has put together an awesome list of activities to celebrate this important event in pop-culture history.

Since Marty and Doc went 30 years in the future, the White House will be talking about what we should expect life to be in 2045.  They will be talking to scientists and innovators showing off some of their current "cutting-edge" inventions and what will the future be like!

Things will be going on throughout the day, and you can follow along on the White House website for the official schedule.  Here is a list of some of the cool things they will be talking about:

  • Talking with physicists about the future of time travel
  • Demonstration of a real-life "invisibility cloak"
  • Virtual panel about breakthroughs in our study of the human brain
  • A conversation about the future of autonomous vehicles
Even though the White House still thinks we need roads, I'm hoping they get past all this arguing and give us flying cars, hover-boards, and Garden Center fruit dispenser.

Remember to make to make like a tree and get out here... and don't forget to say hi to your mom!

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