Tuesday, October 20, 2015

3 Ways to Celebrate Back to the Future Day!

Are you ready for Back to The Future Day?  That's the day, in Back to the Future II, when Marty went forward in time 30 years to October, 21, 2015!  A Once in a Lifetime Event!  (Unless, of course, you invent a time traveling machine)

I know many of you love these movies as much as I do - so we should all celebrate!  I have 3 ways to get involved as a group and to show your support for the McFlys or Doc or Biff  or whomever your favorite character might be!

1.  Participate in the Back to the Future Virtual Race!

Sponsor: Make Yes Happen  With a donation to the Michael J Fox foundation for every registration.

How You Get The Medal:  You have until October 31st to log 13 miles any where and any how you can get them:  walk, run, crawl!

Important Notes:  You must sign up by October 21st to participate.

2.  See the Movie!

AMC and Cinemark have announced they will be showing the Back to the Future trilogy on October 21st!  What a great way to share the experience with your family and to get a new generation loving these movies! 

If you can, purchase advanced tickets, I would highly suggest it!   Locally, the Cinemark in Gulfport, MS, will be hosting all 3 movies!

Find Your City:  Cinemark Times and  AMC Times


See it on Amazon Prime in the comfort of you own home!

3.  Express Yourself!

Wear a BTTF T Shirt,
an Enchantment Under the Sea Dress,
dress like Marty, Biff, or Doc, or
maybe even make a cake for Uncle Joey!  

Whatever you do, share and post with all of us on The Kessel Runner!  

Get in the fun and join me on a "timely" challenge!  I'd love to see what all of you will be doing!  I'll be heading out to a secret location on October 21st:  stay tuned for where to find me!

What else would you like to do?  Do you have a dare?  let me know kesselrunner77@gmail.com

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