Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Dark Side Race Maps: 10K and 5K

March 2016
Feel the Power of the Force with the Dark Side 10K and Family 5K! These races are both family friendly and may have many who will be running these distances for their first time!  Take your time and enjoy the Star Wars Experience!  It will be a race of a lifetime!

Both of these races will start at Epcot, and we will look at the 10k first!

10 K Course Map

This will be a very fast course!  You will enter Epcot by Mexico and move on through the World Showcase!   The Golf Ball will zip by as you leave the Worlds behind and head onto the Boardwalk.

This leg of the race will be exciting because you will run down the Boardwalk which is beautiful!  There will be families all along the Boardwalk cheering you on!  In the distance, though, looms the Tower of Terror and Hollywood Studios!  The Dark Side will be waiting for you!

I am very excited to run through Hollywood Studios!  This part of the course will wind down the familiar Hollywood Boulevard, by Echo Lake and the spooky Tower of Terror;  and I am sure we will find Stormtroopers and other Dark Side Characters along the way!

Just another 3 miles and we will be done!  The last three will be the toughest since it will be along the road way.  Stay focused, feel the Force and you will Finish Strong!

Tip:  There will only be 3 Water Stations:  Mile 1.5, Mile 3 and Mile 4.5  

Remember there are restrooms in Epcot and Hollywood if you need them.
The Family 5K
5K Course Map

The Family 5K will be a short trip through Epcot, so slow down and enjoy the views!  You will start in the parking lot of Epcot and make your way through the back and enter at Norway!  Around the World Showcase you will go, and return by the Golf Ball!  Super fast route!  But like I said, take your time and enjoy it with your family or running buddies, take pictures, and see the morning side of Epcot:  it is beautiful!

Tip:  Everyone will have to go through Security so plan for the extra time.

For both races, stop and take a picture at Epcot with the Ball as a backdrop!  It will be a great souvenir!  And be prepared for Characters all along the World Showcase, they will be waiting for you, too!

May The Force Be With You!
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