Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Disney Refillable Mug FAQ

Refillable Mug

If it has been a while since your last visit to Walt Disney World, the Mug System at Disney has changed!   During August 2013, Disney rolled out the new Refillable Disney Mug system called “Rapid Fill” program. 

The new mugs have a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip embedded in the mug, which will control your use of the quick-service fountain stations. 
I know you are wondering… What is a RFID chip? And what does it mean for me as someone who guzzles up to the drink machine every day at my resort?

Well, first the techy-side, what is a RFID chip?
·      It is a microchip much like the one in your smartphone.
·      A computer implants data on the chip.  The data just sits and waits to be read.
·      A RFID Reader identifies the chip as “belonging” to his group.  The chip and reader then communicate back and forth usually through electromagnetic energy.
·      Sometimes the Reader just records the information and sometimes it lets the holder of the chip perform a task. 

Now - what does it mean for my mug?
Using the mug should be seamless;   Just head to any of the resort quick-service fountain drink stations.  The RFID chip in your mug communicates with the drink station, and gives the “ok” or “not ok” to the machine to fill your mug!   The Machine will automatically stop when then mug is full.  Then, drink up! There is usually about a 2 minute wait before the chips resets and you can fill up again.

Refillable Mugs

You can use your mug in all of the quick-service drink fountains at any of the Disney Resorts but not at the parks at this time.  So, be sure and grab a bottle of water instead and refill it during the day for park visits.

Some important things to note:

1. The Mugs are included with your Disney Dining Plan.  If you didn't purchase a plan, the mugs are $16.99.
2.     Your mug “deactivates” at the end of your stay.
3.     The fountain stations at the resorts will not work with any of the older Disney mugs or with any other cup or drink holder.
4.   You can use your mugs for coffee, hot chocolate, tea without issue.

Our Cup really runneth over - we have way too many to count!  But we love them:  it wouldn't be a Disney trip without them!

Are you traveling to Disney Soon?  Have any other questions about the mugs?  the parks? the resorts? 

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