Monday, June 1, 2015

1 Week Avengers Workout

Workout Warriors Assemble!  For the next seven days we are going to find the focus of Captain America, the skill of Ironman, the strength of Thor, the agility of BlackWidow and the power of The Hulk!

It's a very simple plan that I have pulled together from a plan that anyone can achieve.   You can approach it at your own pace,  and no gym required!

Here's how it will work!.

- Each Day We will Focus on A Different Exercise in the Workout,  with our Goal to have done every exercise in the Workout by the end of the week.  2 Days we will have to double up since there are 9 Workouts in the series.

* Beginners, will strive to complete the exercise for the day.
** Intermediates, will strive to add another set; as many as they can get.
**Advanced, will strive to complete the goal set each day.

-Break it up:  Do half in the morning and half at night.  Find a time that is right for you.

-Remember We are not keeping score!  Just striving to be better, stronger and more powerful

The Avengers Workout:

Wouldn’t it be great to build a stronger, leaner and more muscled superhero body?   We can do this!

Who's in with me?

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