Friday, February 6, 2015

The Frozen 5K and Enchanted 10K Course Maps!

February 2015

The Enchanted 10K and the Frozen 5K will be running through Epcot!  How Exciting!  These 2 races will generate lots of enthusiasm and create surprising moments while running through the World Showcase!  As always, I do a detailed look at the maps, so here you go!

New for 2015: Both Races Start in the Explore Parking Lot of Epcot and end in the Imagine Parking Lot.  An added leg of the race will run you by the Turtle Talk and The Seas Attractions.

The Enchanted 10K

Good News and Bad News!  The good news is the first 3 miles will be relatively easy!  The bad news is, the route is through the parking lot and road way.  There will be a water stop almost to mile 2 and then another at mile 4.  If it is warm, please hydrate at the first stop!

You will enter Epcot between Norway and China, and move on through the World Showcase!  This last 3 miles will make up for any misgivings on the first 3, and if you had any doubts that you could make 3 more miles, the allure and interest of the countries will spur you on!  From the World Showcase, you will get to run through the Boardwalk, by the Beach Club and Yacht Club Resorts, and all the interesting shops along the lake.  There will be guests from the resorts out cheering for you, and the scenery is just beautiful! I am always charmed with the trip down the Boardwalk!

On the way back, you will run behind the United Kingdom and enter at the Land as you head for the Golf Ball!  And your Done!  You've finished an Enchanted 10K through Epcot!

Tips:  Beverages, water and Powerade, will be available after miles 1, 3, and 5.  First Aid will be located after Mile 3 and at the Finish Line.

World Showcase bathrooms will be open if you need to stop.  

The Frozen 5K

The Frozen 5K will be a short trip through Epcot, so slow down and enjoy the views!  You will start in the parking lot of Epcot and make your way through the back and enter at Norway!  Around the World Showcase you will go, and return by the Golf Ball!  Super fast route!  Take your time and enjoy it with your family or running buddies, take pictures, and see the morning side of Epcot:  it is beautiful!

New for 2015:  The Frozen 5K will bypass running through the Ball and stay along the outside as you leave Epcot.

Tips:  For both races, stop and take a picture as you leave Epcot with the Ball as a backdrop!  It will be a great souvenir!  Preparations will be underway for the Spring Garden Show and many topiaries will be going up.  These make great photo opportunities; and be prepared for the Princesses along the World Showcase, they will be waiting for you, too!

If you have any questions, or need assistance for the Princess Half Weekend, please contact me at

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