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2015 Princess Half Marathon Route Fit for a Princess

February 2017:

It's time to look at the race course and see what we have the Princess Half Marathon has waiting for us!

Even though I won't be running this year, I have lots of friends who are!  And the Geek in me still studies the course and everything in between.  I like to divide it into 4 parts:  Journey to the Magic Kingdom; Dreaming of the Castle ; Trek to Epcot; and Last Miles to Smiles!

So let's get started!

Journey to the Magic Kingdom!

You will be starting in the Epcot parking lot.  The buses will drop you off in the staging area where you can leave your check-in bag and head over to the porta potties.  From there, you will be guided into your corrals.   Disney starts the race on time, and each corral will start with fanfare and fireworks!   And your off!

The route from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom will take you 5 miles:  This path takes you down the main road, World Drive.  The only elevation change you will notice is around mile marker 1 as you scale the on-ramp to World Drive.

This leg of the adventure is going to build your anticipation as you slowly begin to see the Magic Kingdom in the distance!  There will also be characters in the median along World Drive; some of your favorite Princes will be waiting for you!

Tips:  Know where your beverage stations (water and Powerade) and first aid stations will be located.  There will be a beverage stop at Mile 1, Mile 3 and Mile 4.5.  First Aid will be located at Mile 3 and Mile 4.5.

There will be small sets of porta potties along World Drive:  stop if you need to!  

Dreaming of the Castle!

Next is the fun part!  The trip through the Magic Kingdom and the Castle!

This part of race is truly a run through the Magic Kingdom:   we chase our dreams through Main Street, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, The Castle, Liberty Square and out the park after wishing we were on Thunder Mountain!  Great Run!   And Characters will be there to great you every step of the way!

Tips:  Stop and take pictures with your favorite Characters and in front of the Castle! This race will be an awesome achievement and you will want to capture your excitement in pictures!  There will be a professional photographer as you run out of the Castle:  be prepared to Smile!

The restrooms in Tomorrowland will be open and a great choice for a rest room break!  

Beverages and First Aid will be available as you leave the park.  This point will be Mile 6:  be sure and hydrate because the Road to the Medal is just ahead!

The Trek to Epcot

This section of the race can be the hardest.  You've just run 6 miles and had an emotional high through the Magic Kingdom.  You have 5 miles to Epcot, and on the 4th mile back (mile 10 total) you have to run up an on ramp that can be brutal especially if you are tired!  The end is near, and it is ok to walk!

Tips:  Beverages will be available at Mile 7, Mile 9 and right before Mile 10; 
Clif Products at Mile 8.5; 
and first aid will be accessible at Mile 9.  
Be sure to hydrate and ask for pain gel if you need it.  

Last Miles to Smiles!

This is it!  Just 3 Miles to go, and the excitement builds with it!  It's been tough, but you are almost there:  take it in small pieces.  Make it to Mile 11:  water and first aid await you!  Be sure to get whatever you need because you want to be running tall as you enter Epcot!  There will be a Gospel Choir singing and encouraging you; crowds cheering you; and Characters inspiring you!

Enjoy the last 2 miles as you run to the World Showcase and back and out to the Finish Line!

Tips:  Your last beverages will be at Mile 12.  Be sure and smile big for the finish line!  And stop to get a professional picture with your medal!

Amazing course!  It will be challenging at times; fun at times; but always worth the effort!

Need additional information?  Check out the Princess Half Marathon Frequently Ask Questions!

If you have any questions about getting prepared for a The Princess Half or any runDisney race, please contact me at

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