Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

Hydration is Very important! If you remember from my recent review of the Disneyland Half Weekend, we had very very hot weather with heat indexes in the 100s! A Disney Security Guard told me that he was hearing on his radio that lots of people were having issues. He told me to stay hydrated. And that was really good advice!

The heat can be deceptive, especially in California where sweat just evaporates from your body.  You never want to have heat sickness!  So, here are some common hydration mistakes to avoid:

1. Letting the weather sneak up on you. 

I am always checking my destination weather: I am always worried about not having the right clothes with me. But more important than clothes, when it comes to a race, is how hot will it be? How humid will it be? Heat and/or humidity can sneak up on your body. Don't be naive about race day. Know what the race conditions will be.

2. Forgetting to hydrate the day(s) before. 

I really try to focus on hydrating the afternoon/ night before a race. This step is really important to prepare your body for any race - let alone one that is going to be hot! Skip the alcohol and sugary drinks. Add water or powerade!
Forgetting to hydrate is like forgetting to add yeast to your bread: you will run flat! If you are flying in, remember that flying can dehydrate you as well, so drink lots of water before, during, after your flight.

3. Staying out in the sun.
I know - we are at Disney - but at least avoid the afternoon sun before your race. Save all that Fun in the Sun when you can truly celebrate your accomplishments!

4. Not acclimating to the environment.

If you are running someplace new, such as a higher elevation, more humid, more arid than you are used to, then, if you can, arrive a couple of days early, to acclimate to the environment. I am almost at sea level, so usually, any change in elevation affects me! Know your environment before you go!

Now, As race day comes, and you are heading to the corrals, here are some tips to help you get through the race:

- Get water at every water stop (or at least every other stop). If you want the sports drink (which you should if the temperatures are 70 or higher), switch at every other station. Aim for 3-6oz of fluid every 15-20 minutes.

- Energy gels or gummies are great for short-term energy, but be sure to wash them down with water (not a sports drink). If people are handing out oranges - take them!

- A lot of people worry about having to go to the bathroom during a race. but if you have to go, go! I know the porta potties are gross! I usually have a guide for the bathrooms in the parks along the race course so that you can plan your potty stops there.

- Remember this is Disney. Relax and have fun. A really hot day will slow you down. If you are having issues, not feeling well, then run to the water stops. Walk and drink. Then run to the next water stop:  it's a great way to get through those tough spots.

-  Know where the first aid stations are on the course and stop if you need to.

- Since race day starts early, bring extra food and drink to the staging area so you can stay fueled and hydrated in the corrals!

Looking at upcoming races:

The Super Heroes Race may involve long flight times, so be sure to hydrate before/ during / after the flights:

The Wine and Dine Race can still humid in November in Florida, so don't let the humidity sneak up on you!


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