Thursday, May 4, 2017

How to Volunteer for runDisney races!


Volunteering is the one of the best things anyone can do!  You have the opportunity to give back – especially to those who have helped you along the way.  And that is what volunteering for runDisney does for me… it helps me give back to all of those volunteers who have helped on the many courses of Disney over the last 10 years! 

This past Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend, I volunteered for Noah’s Light Foundation to help during the Kids Races.  It was so much fun and was rewarding beyond words!  I’ve volunteered and run in support of different Childhood Diseases, and was honored that Noah’s Light was apart of the Dark Side Weekend.  For each race, runDisney, has a featured charity, such as Noah’s Light.  They each have a story that needs to be told and cause that desperately needs money and attention.  Noah’s Light Foundation was created to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer by supporting research in pediatric oncology, raising awareness and supporting families who are struggling with childhood cancer.  And I was honored to be a part of it!

So, How Did I Get Involved?

Currently, you can’t volunteer for Disneyland races, but races in Disney World are being staffed by volunteers. 

First thing to do... 

sign up for a volunteer account!  Having an account ahead of time will speed up the process! 
Each volunteer needs their own account attached to an individual email:  one person per email address.  This process is very similar to registration for races through
Second, get ready for registration!

runDisney has a link for that!

From runDisney’s volunteer website, you can select the race that you would like to volunteer. 
From this page, you will find out who is the designated charity and a link to volunteer.

Volunteering is first come, first served, and it operates much like registering for a runDisney race.   The registration link will open up a couple of months before registration, on a Tuesday, at Noon ET.

For this past Dark Side Marathon Weekend, registration opened in January 2017; and for the 2016 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend, registration opened in July 2016.

Third, plan your weekend!

I suggest staying on site at the WDW Resort, because you will have full access to all of the runDisney bus transportation.  You will need access to the Expo to pick up your volunteer packet, to scan in when you check in and finish volunteering, and transportation to your volunteer event.

Kids Races Volunteer for the Dark Side Weekend - Review

When: Saturday, April 22, 2017

How Many Participants: Over 1700 Kids Showed Up!

How Many Volunteers:  44 Registered, 8 didn’t show

Where I worked:  Finish Line Set Up, 100M and 200M corrals,  Parent Pickup for Mile

How Long Was My Shift:  9 AM – 2:00 PM
Time included meeting before and after the race.

What worked:  ESPN track was a great place to hold the event!  Kids were excited and full of energy, and Mickey and Minnie were there to greet the kids at the finish line!  It was an easy shift, but one full of responsibility because children are priceless and their safety was in your hands.

What Didn’t Work:  runDisney’s start to the mile had a glitch and instead of waves of runners, all the runners took off at the same time for the mile.  This “false start”  caused a pile up at the finish line.  All the kids and parents were crammed into a small space which caused panic and confusion.  

Best Part:  No Kids Were Lost!  And, seeing the future of runDisney!


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