Friday, May 26, 2017

FAQ on runDisney Corrals

Corrals are a big topic for any race – especially for a runDisney race.  It’s really hard to find information on corrals online, and the first time you are faced with corral assignment it can be overwhelming.   With over 50% of the participants, for a big race such as Princess, being new to runDisney, it’s an important topic to cover!
Here is my list of Frequently Asked Questions to help!

Q. What is a corral?
A corral is a group of runners that are classified by their estimated finish time.  For runDisney, the corrals are divided by letters:  A, B, C, etc. 

Q. Why are corrals helpful?
Grouping runners by estimated finish time allows for runners to be surrounded by others who will run at the same pace.  Of course, some people stop for characters or bathroom or at water stops, but for the most part, you will see your corral running with you.  This helps keep congestion down and helps with safety.  It’s really hard to dash around people who are walking, or for them to constantly have to keep to the side; so, it’s best for everyone involved! 

Q. How are corrals assigned?
Corrals are assigned by the estimated finish time the runner submits when they register. runDisney requires a proof of time for their Half Marathon and Marathon races, not for the 5K or 10K.   If you are running a Challenge, 10K/Half or Dopey, then you will need to enter your proof of time, also.  runDisney will group the corrals based on proof of time by elite runners first, then group the rest in other corrals.

Q. How do you submit proof of time?
Proof of time needs to be from a certified 10K or longer such as a Half, 15K, or Marathon.  You can enter this information when you register or at a later date.  Each race has it’s own deadline for entries. For details on links and deadlines for your race,  see the following page:
-runDisney Page
-Your Race
-Proof of Time
From the link provided, you will be directed to enter your proof of time.  You will need the following information:
·       Name of Race
·       Distance
·       City
·       State
·       Date
·       Finish time
·       Link to Results

Q. How will runners know which corral they are in?
Corral assignments are posted to the runDisney website approximately one month before each race weekend:
-runDisney Page
-Your Race
Download the waiver for your race, and your Bib Number will be on the waiver.  Using this Bib Number, you can locate your Corral from the RUNNER INFO, Corral Assignment page.  runDisney will usually post Corral assignments a few days after waivers; so, if you don’t see it, just keep checking back.

Q. What Time do I need to be in the Corral?
Runner walk-out to corrals begins approximately 1.5 hours before race start for races that are 13.1 miles or longer. In order to find your corral, simply follow event signage or ask any Cast Member or volunteer for assistance.

Q. What if a friend, spouse, or child is assigned to a different corral but they want to run together?
A. In a place where every mile is magic, we know our runners may want to share their experience with someone. Runners can move backward in corral assignments to join a friend, child, or spouse, but they cannot move forward. For example, if you are assigned to corral D, and your friend is assigned to corral G, you can move back to G, but your friend can't to move forward to corral D.

Please note that no corral changes will be made at the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo.

Q. Do the corrals all start at once or is the start staggered?
Corral times usually will be 2 minutes to no more than 5 minutes, depending on course and how runDisney is managing the race.   runDisney can utilize different Waves within a Corral.   This means they have fewer corrals, but break each Corral into 3 or more sections or “waves”.   It’s always best to get there early and get at the beginning of your Corral. 

If you’ve never been to a large race like runDisney, I know the Corrals can be overwhelming.   The first two races we did, we really didn’t understand the Corral system and how important it was.  Now, I make sure that I have my proof of time in!  It’s also a really great way to train and get ready!
If you have any questions – let me know – I’m here to help!

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