Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Planksgiving 2016!

It's time for our annual Planksgiving Challenge!

This challenge is a month for being thankful and plankful to help us get through the next 2 months of feasting!
It's easy to join- here's how!

Follow along each day with the Planksgiving Calendar and the Planksgiving Event Page;
Post pictures of you and your family planking and Tag the Kessel Runner;
Each post is 1 Entry for Lots of Prizes!

Here's How you do it!

The Workout Calendar

The 30-Day Plank challenge will get progressively harder as we go through November.  There are rest days built in to give your body a chance to let your muscles recuperate.

Tips for Planking:
1. Be mindful of your form at all times!
2. If you find the daily time too difficult, then just plank as long as you can, or break it up into smaller sets.
3. Think the challenge is too easy?  Add another interval or add in a plank variation such as Side Planks, Reverse Planks, or Planks with Hip Dips

We had so Much Fun Last year!  I loved seeing all the crazy places you planked!  And we had a great competition!!

So... Let's Get Planking!
Any Questions?  Contact me --> kesselrunner77@gmail.com

Remember:  Before starting any exercise program, check with your doctor!

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