Monday, May 18, 2015

Go 1 More Mile Each Day!

The whole idea behind our step challenges is to increase our daily activity levels, provide accountability and gain motivation from friends.   I think most of us wait to get our steps in on the weekend because that's when races and events are held, and honestly, we just have more time!  But we really need to move more every day because every step counts toward a better life.  So, I came up with some sneaky ways to help get those extra steps in this week!

 My challenge this week is for you to "Go 1 More Mile Each Day!"

*You can start by getting a daily average from your fitness tracker and adding 2100 steps to that number

*Or just bump your daily goal up by 2100 steps!

*Get your whole family involved in your extra mile

*And of course, I'd love to see the zaniest way you got steps this week!  Post on Kessel Runner to share!

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