Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Things to Think About When Starting a Fitness Program

I am Extremely busy, and I know y'all are, too!  I hear from many of my friends that it's just hard to fit your health needs in with everything else going on; and with all the different DVDs, classes, and plans available, it's confusing!  The toughest part with all these programs is that many times you start and stop before you can realize the promised results.    More than likely, you are just doing something "popular" instead of thinking what is best for you, your schedule, your family and your lifestyle.

So, before you start your next program, think about these 5 things first:

1.  Time Constraints:  How much time can you honestly commit every day to your fitness goals?  Don't sign up for a 90 minute program every day when you can only squeeze out 30 minutes.  My suggestion is to write down your daily schedule.  This way, you can see where to put fitness.

2.  Enjoyment:  What would you like to do?  Don't set out on a Couch to 5K when really don't like running at all.   You are more likely to finish if you look forward to it and enjoy doing it.  All workouts are hard, so pick something you like!

3.  Challenge Level:  You also need to be realistic about your fitness level:  are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced?  Just because you want you quick results, doesn't mean that you should over step your challenge level.  You don't want to cause and injury and sit on the sofa for months at a time. 

4.  Do you want to be in a Group?  or Be Alone?  Do you need the immediate feedback of others?  Do you need help motivating yourself or do you want someone to make you feel guilty?  Then join a class at the gym with a friend.  Or, Would you feel more comfortable at home ?  then pick a DVD series that works from a schedule to keep you on track.

5.  Goals:  Set sensible goals that work for you:  whether it's losing inches, losing pounds, or being able to plank for 2 minutes,  knowing where you are today and where you want to be will help you pick the best program for you.   The key word here is practical.  We want to take steps to fitness every day, not try to lose 30 pounds in a month for your best friend's wedding!  Being realistic will help you set sound goals.

Once you've answered these 5 points, and know when you can work fitness into your daily schedule, then you can start exploring fitness plans.   From kettle bells, to cardio, to fat burning, there are lots of great online resources when planning your new fitness adventure:  Here are just a few!

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For me,  the 21 Day Fix fits my 5 Points:

- I can devote 30 minutes a day
- I love cardio and weights
- I'm looking for Intermediate Workouts but something I can modify when my tendonitis kicks in
- I'm looking for a DVD or Beachbody on Demand that I can take while traveling
- I'm looking for toning and firming with a focus on inches lost and meal planning

So - Where is your fitness expedition heading?
let me know!

**Don't Forget! August 21st we start a new 3 week challenge that everyone take part it!  Stay Tuned...

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