Thursday, April 2, 2015

5 Reasons to Run the Happiest Races on Earth!

Are you wondering... "why should I do a runDinsey race"? There are a lot of excuses not to - but there are many reasons why running Disney can be a fun, magical experience!

Here are My Top 5 Reasons to take the right steps, move forward and runDisney!

1.  You are a Winner!
Whether you just ran a 5K or the WDW Goofy Challenge, finished first or last, Disney makes you feel like you just won the Olympics!  From the awesome medal, to the extra Disney care, to all of the encouragement along the way, you will be treated like Royalty!  

Kessel Runner

2. Organization
There is nothing worse that being in a race that runs out of water:  it's very discouraging.  But Disney has the experience of moving large groups each day through their parks, providing services and protection to their park goers, and being organized and on time.  They take this knowledge and put it to use at runDinsey:  You will always have water, snacks, first aid, and cast members at your service all along the way!

3. Running Through The Parks
There is no other race on Earth that will let you run through Cinderella's Castle, or through the World Showcase, or by Mount Everest, or get pictures with your favorite Disney characters!  All of the excitement generates enthusiasm and you can't wait to see what awaits you at the next turn.

4. It's About Family and Vacation
You may be running the big race, but a runDisney race is a family race.  With a family 5K and kids races, the whole family gets involved.   And while you are running, they can be a part of the Cheer Squads and cheer you on!  It's so much fun to see a familiar face on a challenging race - it helps you remember who you are running for!  And you are all together is a Magical Vacation spot - Disney!

5. It's Your Race!
Disney races are available throughout the year.  It is easy to find one that fits your schedule.  Once you pick a race, you will have plenty of time to budget and train.  This added flexibility helps you find the Disney race and vacation that is right for your!  Best of all, as a Disney Destination Specialist, I'll take all the worry of planning off your mind so you can focus on training for Your Happiest Race on Earth!

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