Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 Princess Half Marathon Weekend Recap

February 2015
My friends Colleen, Shannon and Sharon shared their birthday wishes at Walt Disney World and the Princess Half Marathon this year!  Completing the Princess Half Marathon together was an accomplishment that they will always remember!

It started with stuffing the suitcases not only for a race but for a birthday week!  And Don't forget the 2 most important accessories:  Magic Bands and Fitness Bands! 

First stop was the Health and Fitness Expo!  Which was as big and as busy as last year's. 
The girls set out to find the "I did it shirts" and found a whole lot more!

First race up: The Kids Races! Shannon's children were in on the runDisney fun!
That is what I love about runDisney races is there is something for everyone in the family!

Then it was back to the hotel to set out costumes and get ready for the race!

They did a great job on their costumes!  Can you guess who the girls were for the race?

And then it was up at 4:00 am and out the door to the Princess Half Marathon!
The worst part is waiting in the corral... your nerves can get the best of you!

 But the wait is worth it when it's your turn to run through the starting line:  it's breathtaking and exciting!

The morning started out cool but became a warm, beautiful day for our Princesses!

And the run through the parks was amazing!  With the Castle and the Characters, it is such an enjoyable race:  you forget you are running and just enjoy the magic!

The end of the race came all too soon; but the medal and the reward was so worth the journey!

It was another Wonderful Weekend at Disney, the adventure had come to an end, and these ladies showed they were unstoppable!
Registration for the Princess Half Marathon 2016 will be in July.  Do you want to go with us next year?  let me know!

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