Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's the FitBit Life

Last Christmas, 2013, I received a FitBit Force as a present.  The Force and Flex were introduced in 2013 and really took off as a neat, techy addition to every day life.  They were lightweight, easily integrated with MyFitnessPal and your mobile device.  Since it went everywhere I went, I was easily drawn into setting goals, checking in and competing with others who had a FitBit.

Fitbit guides you to set an initial goal of 10,000 steps a day, and then encourages you to incorporate a meal tracker such as MyFitnessPal along with it.  In addition to doing these two steps, I included the Aria scale to add my body fat and weight goals into my fitness plan.

Tracking became second nature and part of my every day lifestyle.  The biggest challenge, however, is staying on any fitness plan while vacationing or traveling.   I had three opportunity this year to put my FitBit to test!  Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend, Star Wars Weekends and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I was able to average over 24,000 steps a day each trip and felt a sense of pride by going above and beyond my goals!

Since I've really enjoyed my FitBit, I want to share the experience with everyone! I have ordered a FitBit Flex for one lucky follower!   Just complete this survey and you are in!  I will announce the winner on November 24th, and you will be ready to start the FitBit challenge in December!

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Who will be the next lucky FitBit owner? And if you don't need one, then I bet you know someone who does!

I'd love to hear your FitBit stories, please comment here or contact me at


  1. I love mine, and I Caleb would love to have one to compete with me! I hope we win!

  2. I want to Win this to help motivate me and to kick my diabetes.