Monday, May 23, 2022

Tips to Enjoy Turtle Talk with Crush!


Turtle Talk with Crush is a great attraction for all ages!  A lot of people just wonder in because it's inside and it can be really hot outside... but it is very entertaining!

Have a seat in the Turtle Talk Theater and enjoy a conversation with Crush and see the characters of Finding Nemo up close!  

The show is interactive and improvised, so it is different every time.  

Ask Crush any question you'd like - his favorite food, his friends, what he does for fun... anything!  

He may also introduce you to his pals Marlin, Nemo, Squirt and Dora - especially if you ask a question about them!

The show lasts 15 mins, is included in Genie+, is for all ages, and has accessibility accommodations.

You can also find this great show at Disneyland and EPCOT!

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