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Hi! I'm Syl,
and Welcome to The Kessel Runner! You may have known me as
Glisten While You Run (@glistenrun) which I started in 2013 as a way to journal my running, fitness goals and accomplishments.  However, my blogging has evolved a lot since then, and The Kessel Runner really represents who I am.  I love to express all of me through blogging now:  not just the runner, but the scientist, the mom, the nerd, the sci fi fan girl, and the Star Wars Fanatic!  You can see more about my transformation in my blog
 I Measure My Runs in Parsec Now !
I'm also broadcasting weekly my Fan Girl Antics and runDisney Tips at Beyond The Kessel Run Your runDisney Galaxy Broadcast!  You can find me on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher!

My day job has me chasing bits and bytes as a Information Security Specialist, but that still allows me plenty of time to train for my next Half Marathon, review products, promote challenges, participate in family fitness events, share my triumphs and tribulations, and enjoy fangirling at Wizard Con, Star Wars Events and Disney!
I do spend a lot of time focusing on running, living healthy and trying to stay fit in a busy world; but, I'm never too busy to meet new friends!  Do you love runDisney?  Star Wars?  Dr Who?  Interested in encouraging girls to dive into Science? Looking for the Perfect Fan Vacation?  Then let's get a conversation started - get in touch with me!

US Press Association, ID# 6239414
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