Wednesday, August 7, 2019

All You Need to Know about the Creature Stall at SWGE

Are you a pet lover like myself?  Looking to adopt a galactic creature?   
Then look no further than the Creature Stall! 

At this exotic shop, located on Merchant Row, you’re able to take a look at various cargo and crates that are holding some of the rarest creatures that were acquired from across the galaxy – just waiting to be adopted!

Some of the animals looking for adoption include:
-       Kowakian Monkey-Lizards
-       Porg
-       Rathar
-       Tauntaun
-       Wampa
-       Puffer Pig
-       Neebray
-       Loth-Cat
-       Mynock
-       Krynka
-       Dewback
-       Worrt
-       Bantha

Each creature comes with a Tag showing their Name, Type, Home Planet and Diet.  These animals are from a planet in the Star Wars Universe and are important to the Star Wars story in some way.  All are interactive and most require batteries.  You can touch and feel each animal before you buy.  

So what did I decide to adopt?

Well, I chose a Loth-Cat!  The Loth-Cat was seen in the Disney Animated show Star Wars Rebels.  I really liked this particular animated series, and the Loth-Cats were apart of the story in many ways.  Since I love cats anyway, it was a natural attraction for me!  

You can see more on how the Loth-Cat interacts with its owner in the video at this link:

The price for the Loth-Cat was $44.99 with tax, the total was $48.48.  He was one of the more pricer pets, with the prices for all pets ranging from $16.00 to $69.99.

The cardboard cage was easily taken apart, and I transported him back home in my checked luggage.  Not all pets are this big-some are small, so definitely easy to pack!

The Creature Stall is really a great shop for the whole family, and I know you will find the perfect galactic pet to adopt!

Looking to Travel to SWGE?  Contact me for more information!

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