Wednesday, November 29, 2017

FAQ on runDisney Bus Transporation

Event transportation at runDisney events can be one of anxiety!
If you are staying on site, this is your key to navigating the Expo and Races on race weekends – and it’s not always easy to figure out!

So… Let’s talk runDisney Buses!

If you are heading to the WDW Marathon Weekend or planning the Princess Half Weekend, I have all the info gathered together for you!
1st runDisney Bus transportation will be arranged for participants staying at ALL Walt Disney World® Resorts – this includes Shades of Green and Swan and Dolphin. This is so important for those participants staying at the Shades of Green and the Swan and Dolphin! You aren’t left out! And This is important to know because you do NOT want to drive your car from your resort to the starting line or to the EXPO

 **Buses will be indicated by the runDisney signs placed in the front windows.
The Expo Buses start approximately 30 minutes to an hour before the Expo opens. And will run until 30 minutes after the Expo closes.

What happens if you miss the buses at the Expo? Or Just don’t feel like waiting on the Bus? There will be taxis ! I have actually taken a taxi – it’s not too bad – about $20 dollars depending on where your resort is from the Expo. And there have been times when I wish I took a taxi because it took an hour to get to the Expo!

The Races-  Runners:
Getting to the Starting Line:
All races start at 530 am for WDW Marathon Weekend and Princess Half Buses start at 330 am. I highly suggest being in the bus line NLT 4am. Bus lines will be very long and you may risk not getting to the starting line on time.  Especially if you are staying at the All Stars and Pop Century – these Resorts are very popular for races and will have a long bus line.

Also think about those Resorts that are out of the way – like Wilderness Lodge, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, those may take longer to actually get to the start.

The buses do not drop you off at the starting line. You will be walking to the staging area where you will need to go through security. From there, you still have a ways to walk to the actual corrals. All of this walking can take you anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the crowds and if you stop for pictures or bathrooms, etc. So, another good reason to be at the bus stop early!

And also you just never know – we had our bus driver get lost one year ! we rushed to our corral only to get there after the start! So be in line early to make sure you get where you need to be!

Getting Back to the Resort: 
Buses will be running back to the Resorts after the race. Typically, for the 10K, the buses run until 9:30am, the Half until 11:30 and and the Marathon 1:30-2:00 pm.

The Races - Family:
What does my family do?
Well the runDisney buses can take them to the Starting Line with you… or they can take a bus to the Finish Line!

Buses will stop heading to the Starting Line 30 minutes before the start: 5am. If they miss that bus, they can take a bus to the Finish line which starts at 6am.

Another option for your family is to ride with you to the starting line and then take a bus from there to the finish line! They have all this thought out for you!

 Now – Don’t worry! All of the times will be available in the Runner’s Guide (electronic) about 2 weeks before the race. And it will all be printer on an information board in the lobby of your building.

***My Big Tip here is to Take a Snapshot of the Information Board in the Lobby and text it to everyone in your party!

I know the buses can be confusing!  If I didn't answer your question, just email me at and I'll be glad to help.

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