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FAQ on the runDisney Health and Fitness EXPO!

The Health and Fitness Expo is essential to the runDisney Experience!  It’s a big deal and a big topic to discuss, so I’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions on the Expo.

What Is the Health & Fitness Expo?
The Health & Fitness Expo is your first step in completing your runDisney weekend. You need the Expo for 4 Reasons:
1. Mandatory Packet Pick-Up: race number, t-shirt, and check-in bag
2. Official runDisney Race Merchandise
3. Latest in apparel and fitness equipment
4. Speaker Series – Guest speakers with seminars including race tips, training and nutrition

When is it held?
The Expo is open one day prior to the 5K and ends the Saturday before the last race event. For example, the Marathon Weekend, holds the 5K on a Thursday and the Marathon on Sunday.  The Expo will open on Wednesday and end on Saturday.  For all other races, the Expo will open on Thursday and end on Saturday.

Where is it located? And how do I get there?
For Walt Disney World, the Expo is held at the ESPN Sports Center.  For those staying at the Host Resorts, there will be bus transportation to and from the Expo from your Resort.  For those staying off-site, park in the ESPN parking lot.

For Disneyland, the Expo is held at the Disneyland Hotel Exhibit Hall.  The Disneyland Hotel is within walking distance from any of the Disney resorts, and just a short walk from the Transportation Center is using the Anaheim Resort Transportation buses.  Parking at the Disneyland Hotel will be limited to Hotel guests only, so if you need to park, use the Disneyland Parking and head through Downtown Disney to the Disneyland Resort.

For Disneyland Paris, the Expo is held at the Disney Events Arena.  The Arena is
within walking distance of the Resorts and the Train Station.

What is Packet Pick-Up?
The first stop at the Health & Fitness Expo should be Packet Pick-Up. Since Packet Pick-Up is not available on the morning of any of the races, you must do this at least one day before your race. To receive your packet, you will need to bring your signed waiver and a Photo ID.  If you forget your waiver, there are printer stations for you to do it at Packet Pick-Up.  Everyone, 18 and older, must pick up their own packet.

This step is only part 1 of your packet.  You must head over to the main Expo floor to get your race shirts and Check-in Bag.

Read More:  Packet Pickup Tips  and  How to Use Check In Bag

Can I exchange my race shirt for a different size?
Yes!  There is a specific table for exchanges.  I suggest doing this early so available sizes don’t run out.  I usually look at the shirt, try it on and handle it before I forget.

What is “Official Merchandise” and will it run out?
runDisney Official Merchandise is specific runDisney race clothing and memorabilia for the race: shirts, jackets, hats, pins, glasswear, I DID IT shirts, headbands – anything you can imagine.

It can sell out quickly.  If it is a big race – like the Princess – you might want to do Official Merchandise FIRST, then head over to Packet Pick-Up.

Will New Balance Shoes be there and How do I get an appointment?
I love New Balance runDisney shoes!  These are shoes designed by New Balance specifically for runDisney.  The styles and character inspiration of the shoes change every year, so it’s a very popular booth.  To handle the crowds, you must sign up for a spot in the New Balance Virtual Queue. Runners are given first priority, but anyone can sign up. If you missed out on the Queue, stop by the booth anyway, I’ve been able to get shoes as a walk in also.

What kind of vendors will be at the Expo?
Everything the running community has to offer will be at the Expo! From running outfits, jewelry, socks, compression, post race needs, pre race nutrition, running belts, etc.. Usually if you forgot something, you will be able to find it at the Expo!

Is the Expo worth it?

Yes!  Of course, you could just pick up your packet and leave – but I love the runDisney merchandise, New Balance Shoes and looking at all the fun things running companies have to offer!

It’s a great place to get ideas.  You don’t have to buy here, you can go home and order online.  It is very energetic and you might want to spend a lot of money!  So – if you go – put yourself on a budget!

Plus – it’s a great place to meet up with friends!
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