Thursday, March 23, 2017

Episode 014 Is Running for a runDisney Charity Right for Me?

The runDiney race you are looking for is Sold Out!
  •  Half Marathon - SOLD OUT
  •  Challenge - SOLD OUT
  • 10K - SOLD OUT
  •  5K - SOLD OUT
What do you do?  If you didn't get in, there is Hope!  Sign up for a charity and make your run count!

I have had the privilege to run for runDisney charities 3 times! I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend for the A-T Children's Project two different years, and Run for Our Sons for the Inaugural Star Wars Light Side Weekend.  These opportunities were very rewarding experiences because I had the chance to be involved in a community that makes a difference, to meet the families I was running for, and to participate in a much deeper way than just running for myself.  In a lot of ways running can be very focused on yourself and your personal records, and your time, and your pace – and this gave me an opportunity to put my mind on something else. 

I know you have a lot of questions – I hope to cover them all here so that you can determine if it is the best thing for you to do, too!

How does it work?
When you sign up for a charity, you are committing to raise a certain amount of money in exchange for a guaranteed race bib – even if the event sells out.

Charities usually require anywhere from $500 to $2000 in fundraising obligations depending on the charity and the race. (I’ve seen as much as $5000)

And some Charities may require you to pay the runDisney registration fees and some waive that fee.

Do I Get Anything Else Besides a Bib?
It varies from Charity to Charity but generally, you will receive for your fund raising, a discount on rooms or tickets, a Pasta Dinner / Get Together Dinner for free or a small fee and a Team Shirt. 

Where do I Find Charities for my Race?
For each runDisney event page, there is a tab for Registration.  Under Registration, there will be a tab called “Charity Groups” or “Run for a Cause.”

Once you click on those tabs, you will find a list of charities for that particular runDisney event.    Each Charity has their own page, and their own requirements for entry.  For Example – I went to the Tinkerbell event page on the runDisney website; clicked on Registration, then “Run for a Cause”, I selected the Michael J Fox Foundation, and then once there, I selected “Event Info.” 

I found that the 5K was sold out, but their 10K bibs, half bibs and Pixie Dust challenge bibs were available. 

I suggest to visit each Charity’s Event Page to get the list of requirements and to compare the best way for you to contribute. 

How Do You Raise the Money??
I know that it is hard to ask people for money – especially in an economy where people are struggling just to pay the bills – but it is doable and here are some tips to help you

1.   Set you Goal
Are you shooting for the minimum or would you like to give more?  Be sure and have that goal written down and be up front with everyone on just how much you need.

2.    Start Process Early
Join your Team as soon as you can – don’t hesitate – because this gives you more time to fund raise.

3.    Personally Connect to the Cause
If you believe in the cause, then your enthusiasm will shine through and others will believe in you and be happy to give!

4.   Level Social Media
Engage your friends through FB and Instagram:  show them how you are working and raising money and put a face on your fundraising.

5.   Use Your Team’s Resources
Most of the Charities have Fund raising resources or pages. Be sure and use those resources because they will promote your efforts and visually show your progress. 

6.   Be Creative
Garage Sale/Yard Sales – this is where I made all the charity money
Use Your Talents – make something that people get in exchange for $$
Use your connections… Your Favorite Bar / Pizza Place
I Most Impressed with a girl who was able to have a bowling night for her charity and raised thousands of dollars!

Should You Do It?
If you really want to run in a race that is sold out – and you are willing
to donate the money if your fundraising falls though – then yes!  Do it!

You will be receiving benefits of being a part great team, be encouraged, be inspired, and have the satisfaction of running for a cause bigger than yourself!
You have to look at this as your running is the gift – you are training and participating to help families, who you may never meet, but who need you - And that is what makes it all worthwhile!
Just talking about it – makes me ready to run for charity again!

If you are thinking about running for charity – let me know – let’s get in touch and I can help promote your fundraising!

Any Questions?  Let me know  
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