Monday, April 11, 2016

5 Great Features of the Camden Gear Hydration Pack

I'm shopping for a new running belt because my iPhone6S doesn't fit in my old running gear.  I am also one of those runners who has to carry everything!  So, on my quest to find the perfect running belt, I recently tried the Camden Gear Hydration Pack, and here is what I thought!
running belt kessel runner

1.  Adjustable Belt
This is a one size fits most adjustable belt using Velcro.  The product guide shows for waists up to 47 inches.  The Velco strap also gives you the flexibility to make the belt fit tight.

2.  Two Six Ounce Bottles
The two bottles are perfect for me when running more than 6 miles.   The bottles stay secure and don't leak.

3.  Accessory Ties
There are two accessory ties.  These are perfect to attach your goo to the belt and with just a tug it is free!

4. Large Pouch
The pouch is another great selling point with room enough for my phone, bars, almond butter and gum!   The velcro lid kept it tight and close to the body, with very little bounce.

5.  Card Holder
A clear card holder is located securely on the lid of the pouch and had room to hold my drivers license and credit card.

Who is this belt for?
This belt is for someone who needs it all:  hydration, nutrition and a place to store valuables.

The belt fit at my hips.  And I wore the pouch in the back where it felt more comfortable for me:  the full bottles were uncomfortable on the front.  I had to move the pack around to get food out of the pouch, but it wasn't a problem at all.
running belt kessel runner

Who is this belt not for?
If you don't want the added weight of liquid or not a long distance runner, then a hydration belt may not be for you.  However, with all the added features that this pack has, I would suggest just removing the bottles for short runs.  As you build your endurance, you may need the hydration to take along with you!

Overall, a surprisingly lightweight belt that holds everything!

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You can find this belt on Amazon at Camden Gear Hydration Running Belt  for $19.99

If you have any questions or have tried it for yourself, please let me know!
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