Saturday, August 1, 2015

5 Lessons You can Learn from Carving Pumpkins!

Funny how you can find life in the simplest of things... like carving pumpkins!  The art of carving pumpkins found me deep in thought and finding lessons in life!

1.  You Don't Want a Perfect Pumpkin!

The best pumpkins to carve have character!  Ideally, you want a pumpkin that has a flat side:  the side laid on the ground as it grew.  The flat side makes carving the face so much easier!

Life Lesson:  The best people you meet and the best friends you have, will show a little character; that flat side that shows wear and tear and growth!

2.  Use the Right Tools!

You can carve a pumpkin the easy way, or the hard way:  the easy way is using the right tools for the job!  Each tool has a specific purpose and makes carving more enjoyable!  

Life Lesson:  We often try to reinvent the wheel when it isn't necessary.  Most of the time, you can find a simpler way to do things; if you just look for them!  Chances are someone has step by step instructions to learn from their mistakes!

3.  Start at the Bottom and Realize It's Going to Get Messy!

I always start at the bottom and carve the hole creating a nice, sturdy candle stand.  A lot of people start at the top cutting their hole at the stem.  However, as the candle burns, it bakes and shrinks the stem and often times it won't fit anymore.

And cleaning out the guts is never easy; expect a mess.  It is ok to get dirty!

Life Lesson:  If we are going to work on improvements, you need to start at the bottom and work our way up; realizing that you have to reach deep inside, too, to create something new!

4.  Have a Strategy

An unplanned Jack-o-Lantern never turns out like you expect!  There are lots of great patterns on the internet and Pinterest: inspiration is everywhere!  And unless you are an accomplished artist, it is best to use a pattern or draw it on your pumpkin, first!

Life Lesson:  A vision with a goal, and a goal with a strategy  will drive you to success!

5.  Think Outside the Pumpkin:  Express Yourself!

It's ok to carve a traditional pumpkin!  However, reach outside the norm and be creative and have fun!

Life Lesson:  Tradition is awesome!  It is what binds a holiday and family together!   However, you need to find yourself in the tradition and create the Unique You!  You will be happier for it!

Do you find life in the most common of activities?  I'd love to hear about them!

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