Saturday, January 3, 2015

Virtual Coast to Coast: Step Challenge from Disneyland to WDW

January 2015

The Disney Coast to Coast Medal was one of my favorite memories of participating in runDisney.  It
was also the most challenging!  You couldn't slow down your training and you had to stay focused.

Since I'm running the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland this month, I'm thinking about including the Wine and Dine Half to achieve another Coast to Coast Medal.  So, I thought...

What a great idea for our Step Challenge!  We will walk from Disneyland to WDW!

- You will have from Monday, January 5th 12am to Saturday, November 7th Midnight to complete the challenge.
- The Goal is 4,800,000 steps 
- Everyone who finishes will receive a Finishers "Coast 2 Coast" Medal
- There will be mini goals and prizes each month to boost encouragement and motivation
- Anyone and everyone can join - as long as you have a pedometer/tracker

It is a completely doable challenge: just break it down into small steps.  Start by walking 10000 steps a day and work yourself up to 16000 a day.  Sign up for a few races throughout the year, and you will have your steps before you know it!

I'll have a Facebook Event Page set up for everyone who doesn't have a FitBit, and I'll post our progress once a week and totals at the end of each month.

We also have an Interactive Map where you can visually see your progress against others in the team!

Looking forward to seeing our journey throughout the year!

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