Thursday, July 6, 2017

Merging Family and runDisney

You are all pumped and psyched for the Race Weekend, but what about your family?  Of course there is the parks, but what else can your family do?  How can they get involved with runDisney?

Well, first of all, if your children are 5 and older, I would highly encourage you to all do the Family 5K together!  It’s a very family friendly race and walking friendly.  It is a great way to get them excited about running and about the races you are going to do over the weekend.   You can do this at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  The 5Ks tend to fill up quickly, so be sure to register your family at the same time you register yourself!

Next, I would suggest doing the kids races.  This will really give them a taste of what you are doing and why you are so excited.   Disneyland has races for 8 and under and Walt Disney World has races for 13 and under.  And both have the Diaper Dash!  The Diaper Dash has to be the cutest race event – ever!  Everyone gets a medal and your kids are given the Royal runDisney treatment!

What should your Family do during your Half Marathon or Marathon?
Disneyland and WDW approach it a little differently.  In Disneyland, you have Viewing Parties and in Walt Disney World, ChEAR Squad.  But they both allow special viewing, food, seating and ChEAR Gear for your family.  The price will range from $50 to $80 dollars.  Each race offers a little different flavor of these family viewing parties, but they are all basically the same.

Where is the best place to eat the night before the race?
We have eaten at many different places the night before, but I think the best for my family was at Tony’s Town Square.  Tony’s is very family friendly, Lady and the Tramp is playing in the lobby, and you can get glimpses of the fireworks (if you are out that late)

Are baby sitting services provided?
For the race weekend, you will need to be on the bus by 4:30.  The child care services at Disney do not open that early, and runDisney doesn’t provide child care, either.  Your best bet is to bring an older family member along that can stay with your kids.

Should your family go to the Finish line? Or Stay at the Resort?
I think this is strictly up to you.  I know that I have been really encouraged by having my family at the end.  Especially, if I was running alone, it gives me a boost to know they are waiting for me!  However, we have just decided that it was best for them just to hang at the resort and enjoy the pool or eat a lazy breakfast!  Either way is great!

When should we go to the parks? 
If you are bringing your kids, you know that you will HAVE to go to the parks!  You, as a runner, just need to allow yourself some time off your feet.  We usually come early in the week and leave Sunday afternoon.   A lot of people prefer to stay several days after the race.  For me, I like to go ahead and get back to “normal” and get on home.  If you choose to do it this way, take it easy the day before the race, drink a lot of water in the parks, and just remember to not over exert yourself.

I highly encourage you to get your family involved as early as possible in your running adventures.  As soon as you sign up, get them to help you train and work on your costume.  If you can, include them in the Kids Races or 5K.  You want to encourage the next generation and grow your running partner!

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