Friday, March 31, 2017

Episode 015 How to Layer for the runDisney Corrals

It’s 3am and the alarm goes off!  I have to be on the bus by 4:00am.  For me… that means not only getting dressed but that I also need to eat and drink coffee!   So I am in a rush to get it all done.  I run out to the bus line just in time for 4am!  And 4am is chilly!  For some races, almost freezing for this warm blooded Southern girl.   Even though when I run I get very hot and sweaty, the seemingly endless walk to the corrals and the hour or more standing in the fog can chill me to the bone.   The one thing that saves me is layering!  And you can do it in really creative ways!

The important thing about layering is to focus on target areas:  hands, head, arms and chest.    If you are just dealing with morning coolness, your approach will be light.  If race day is going to be cold – and I have run on the coldest day ever in Disney World – then your approach will require more layers.  You must remember that you need to be able to get rid of the layer if it’s making you hot – whether that means tying it around your waste or tossing it aside.

I like to put layering in categories…

1.     Disposable
Dump in the garbage can at the water stops

Garbage Bags
-Easy to Find
-Cut arm holes if you need to run with them for a while
-Great Wind Breaker
-Great Rain Coat
- Lawn and Leaf Bags are the best

Mylar Blankets
-sporting goods stores or online
-** Beware: Can’t cross the starting line because they interfere with the timers and your chip

Disposable Running Clothes
-high-tech fabric that provides a durable and ultra-light outer layer of protection.
-Water-Resistant, Wind-Proof and Warm
-Average $10 for each top and bottom
-tear away easy
-plan ahead
-have seen at Expo but wouldn’t count on it

2.     Donate-able
Real Clothes that you toss aside: Disney will gather and donate to charity

-Thrift Store finds/Closet finds
-Long Sleeve Shirts

3.     Costume-able
Build your costume with layers

-knee socks
-gloves / hard warmers
-thin undershirts

However you decide to layer, plan ahead, pack for it, and be ready so that you won’t be panicking last minute!