Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Episode 011 Being runDisney Weather Wise Part 1

Weather can really impact our races because we are at the mercy of Mother Nature!  And since running in California can be different that running in Florida, we are going to look at being Weather Wise in 2 parts:  Part 1 will be Florida and Part 2 will be California.

Walt Disney World is a unique place to run because of the constant heat and humidity throughout the year.  Humidity can affect your body's ability to cool itself through evaporation.  The more moisture in the air, the harder it is to evaporate the sweat and cool off.

So, if you don't live in a climate like Florida, how can you prepare for it?

1. Know the Average Temperature/Humidity

WDW Marathon:  January high 71 / low of 50 with 84% humidity

Princess Half:  February high 73 / low of 53 with 87% humidity

Star Wars Half:  April high 82 / low of 62 with 87% humidity

Wine/Dine Half:  November high 78 / low of 60 with 89% humidity

These averages give you a starting point for any costume or running outfit you need to plan.

2. Look 10 Days Out

You want to look 10 days before you leave for trending weather:  so you know changes in temperature or future stormy weather.

3. Be Adaptable

You always need to have a Plan B:  What to do if it turns cold?  What to wear if it is hot?

4. Hydrate

The best way to beat the heat and humidity is to hydrate the night before!

5. Stay Warm in the Corral

Bring an old sweatshirt, coverup - anything that you don't mind losing, and get rid of it as you warm up!  Don't worry - Disney will pick up anything discarded and give to charity!

Those are my 5 simple steps for being Weather Wise in Florida!

Episode 012 will cover Being Weather Wise in California!

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