Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Compression Sock Review and Giveaway!

Review and Giveaway

Compression socks are becoming more and more popular and have even become a fashion accessory! Prior to last year, I used them for recovery after long races.  But recently my Doctor suggested that I should be using them more:  I should be wearing them during training and during performance.

Here are his 2 reasons why:

1.  Improve Circulation

Compression Socks gently squeeze the muscles, veins and arteries to increase circulation.  Circulation brings more oxygenated blood to your feet and legs and moves the deoxygenated blood back to the heart.

Better circulation helps give your body the nutrients and oxygen it needs to perform, and helps reduce swelling and fatigue when you are done. 

2.  Support

Another added benefit to wearing compression is support.  If you have ankle, arch, or Achilles tendon issues, compression socks can provide the extra foundation and brace while running or exercising. 

I'll admit taking his advice was tough at first because I felt like I was being suffocated; however, I slowly got used to the feeling of wearing socks while running. The turning point for me was the Star Wars Half Marathon in January: I felt amazing!  I had no pain in my calves, ankles or arches.  It was so exciting to bounce around after the race while everyone else was moaning and groaning!

Are you ready to try compression for yourself?  Well, Lucky for you, I've tried a lot of brands in my journey to find the perfect compression sock!  And here is what I suggest:

Light Support $15
compression socks review and giveaway

Running Compression Socks for Men and Women By Yorkberg: I have a pair of these and love them for everyday wear.  They are very light and comfortable and perfect if you are just getting into compression or only need light support:  they will keep your feet and legs peppy! 

Performance Support $40-60
compression socks review and giveaway

For some serious running or competing, I choose 2XU. 
2XU Men's Performance Compression Run Sock
2XU Women's Hyoptik Compression Socks
I was impressed that super performance compression was packed into these amazing lightweight, comfortable, soft socks! (and they come in some really cute colors, too)

Performance Sleeves $35-$40
calf compression socks review and giveaway

If you are just looking for calf or shin support, the calf sleeves would be great for you!  I've tried Zensa Calf Compression/Calf Guard and think these are awesome for targeted support of the calf and shin.  I also love all the many colors available - even camo and reflective:  super for costumes BTW!

Arch, Ankle, Tendon Support $15 - 30
compression sock review and giveaway
This type of support is where I am now since I am recovering from Achilles tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis. These compression socks are meant to be worn underneath your normal socks:  the toes aren't covered.  So for everyday wear, I'm using Orthosaid Compression Foot Sleeve By Yorkberg and for events, such as the Star Wars Half Marathon, I'm wearing Feetures! Plantar + Calf Sleeve.

We spend a lot of money on gear and some we don't ever use or need.  For me, the extra $$ spent on compression socks was well worth it.

I feel that whether you are a weekend athlete or a serious competitor, there IS a compression sock for you!

Now for the fun stuff!  Would you like to win a pair of Yorkberg Compression Socks?
Then post on The Kessel Runner or on this blog what you think of compression:  have you tried them?  what kind do you like?  Maybe you have a favorite brand?

Also you can join the Run Through The Castle Step Challenge for more chances to win! 

As a Yorkburg Ambassador, I purchased compression socks at a discount for this giveaway.  All the opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

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